Hey guys,
ive had my ibanzes RG 350 now for a while and there comes a time where the sound starts to sound dull so as we all know we change our guitar strings,
ive done this procedure a hundred times but now its a different story.

The ibanez has a floyd rose bridge,
i came to change the strings today, i did nothing different than usuall but several problems occured.

The bridge rose way up !
every time i tuned one string all of the other went even further out of tune,

i also messed around with the springs in the back to see if it was the bridge atall but ive had no luck.
look up how to set up any floyd rose system and also what gauge string did you use when you put the new ones on?
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okay ill give that a try,
also i used gauge 9
i know theyre as thin as hell and i have went from 10's to 9's but i like them for soloing
What you have described sounds like what double-locking tremolos always do. Have you done this before? If you haven't, searchbar for a guide on how to set up a floyd rose. Even though the tremolo on the Ibanez is in fact an Edge-III, the same things apply.

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Mine plays up if I put 9s on, go back to 10s n maybe change the springs so they're stiffer.
If you changed guage of strings you will have to adjust the spring tension.

.09's -> .10's = more spring tension

.10's -> .09's = less spring tension
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i havn't no,
But you see the thing is the Bridge is comming out of the guitar, so to speak, so when i adjust the springs at the back i can relase the tension otherwise the bridge will lift further up. :/
Ok, stop touching your guitar immediately and either look for someone who knows how to work a floating bridge guitar or look up a video or something.

There's a sticky topic that helped me out a lot.
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