Hi all,

i dont know how many in this part of the forum check the classified so i thought id ask in here as its not just a want to buy its a 'if anyone has any going spare' or 'do you know where to get' thread

basically what im after is a thin sheet (2/3mm) of flame maple (or any nice flamed wood) that i could make a cover for the cavity on the back of my custom, its currently just black plastic and i think it would add a little to the guitar if i added a nice cover.

if no body has one does anyone know where i could pick somthing like this up as im only after 6x6 inches it seems a waste buying a large sheet of full bookmatched veneer

would be willing to pay an honest ammount and postage if anyone has any in there scrap/spares pile
theres a company on ebay (fraser valley fine woods) that would be able to sell you really nice maple veneers. i just bought 8 burl maple veneers from there and with postage it only cost me 36 bucks.
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Im in the UK so ill have a look but dont really want to have to import such a small bit, if i cant get hold of any i may have to buy a larger bit as im sure it will come in handy at some point

Nantwich Veneers on ebay dude (search veneer timber) UK
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