UG members, I posted this thread, which was reported and closed :https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1317505

The problem is... I just can't get why. I didn't post anything violent, insulting, or meaningless. I just wanted to share my thoughts with other people, creating a debate. Obviously, some guys here don't like the idea of debate(and the most frightening thing is that some of those people are your moderators and administrators).
When I read the threads on UG and the comments on the music news, I was always fascinated to see all those guitar players from all over the world share their arguments and discuss. This is why I came more often on UG those last months.
Since when I played my first chord(which opened my ear and my mind to new horizons), I considered guitar playing as a fabulous tool to expand your world and your thoughts, a real philosophy of life. This is the meaning I found to rock'n'roll : "Never take what the others give you as something religiously true, and always try to find by yourself the real truth, and run through the fake ones.".

But if the moderators of UG don't respect that philosophy, I think I won't be interested in UG anymore.

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