I came home today from school, and my amp made this fuzzy sound when i turned it on. Is one of the tubes busted? I looked in the back, and all the power tubes looked fine but idk bout the 12ax7s cause there cased in metal. Oh, and btw the amp is a bugera 6262 2x12 120w combo.
you can probably take the metal cover off.

im gettin the 6262 head in a couple months, ive heard the combo doesnt sound as good. does it?
It probably is a bad tube.

Turn off the amp and wait for it to cool down, take off the metal casing around the tubes, turn the amp back on and then see if all the tubes light up. If one dosn't then you need to replace it.
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How high did you set the gain?
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well, you turned it on, and got fizzy sound. did you get your guitar sound at all? or just fizz, you tried playing ur guitar and nothing worked?

is it a big HUMMMMM, or is it a HISSSSSSSSSSSS, or is it a fizz? i only heard fizz from an unstable tube gain stage, and a badly overdriven transistor...
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