k, ive been practicing over a year on guitar now. i know a lot of theory, and i have tonnes of tips at my disposal for writing lead guitar and stuff. I know what im doing, and how to get there, but sometimes, the fact that im not at the point that i can write good solos yet is incredibly frustrating!

All i wanna know is how long it took you guys to get good at solo-writing? i want to calm myself down, by telling myself that i got ages to master it
Master technique then listen and play. A lot of what makes a great solo is its delivery.
Dunno... I played for only 8months and only know which fret=which note, and everyone likes my solos, but most of them I wrote just by randomly improvising countless times, whenever I heard something cool at that, wrote down and went to another segment
Not being able to write a good solo after just a year isn't a big deal. From my experience at 2-3 years is when most people start to be able to do it to a decent degree.

Try using a backing track, there's a lot here http://www.guitarbackingtrack.com/
Also, listen to a lot of different solos from a lot of different styles, genres and artists. Jazz is a great one to listen to (especially free jazz), try some instrumental guitarists (Steve Vai's a personal favorite), and some other genres that you don't normally listen to.
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What is wrong with your solos? They could be 'good' to some people, I mean there is no definition of a 'good' solo, because different people have different opinions.

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You been playing for a year and already know where to head to?

Dude you aint got much to worry then, just keep practicing, listen to other styles and just see everything you can get your ears at out there, that way you will be able to advance since you would start knowing better what sounds good and what doesn´t. If you´ve only been playing for a year then give it time, theory is needed, but, not everything you need to play the guitar.

And by the way, what is your concept of a good solo?
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