hey, guys hope you can help me!

So, i really want to get into soloing, but it seems i can´t find a solo that i like and that isn´t too complicated. I´m into stuff like metallica, lamb of god and children of bodom and i want to get a style like mike morton or alexi laiho (or jeff loomis but no one shreds like the devil himself xD ). My own solos sound very bluesy or emotional... (like the fade to black intro). I learned parts of the bodom beach terror solo and it really helped me, but that was a few months ago and since than i just couldn´t find stuff i like...

so i want you to help me to get a kind of more fluid solo style, with some sweeps legato picking runs and stuff, but there are only a few solos i like and know them after listening.... or should i just stay at my clean melodic solo stuff?

thanks in advance...
If you want to 'get into' soling then i doubt you have gained the skills to do sweep picking and fast runs. Learn something simple, Blues would be a good place to start.
Make your own solo?
Oh yeah.

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thanks for the replies, darkest hour and protest the hero sound nice... maybe i´ll get into them...


i practice blues impro and stuff and learned some bluesy solos like sweet child o mine without the end... but i just don´t feel it or like it... xD when i feel bluesy i can come up with some cool stuff (but i don´t know much about blues...)

i play guitar for 4 years, 2 years classical (can play some flamenco finger picking stuff, that i like) and 2 years electric... the last few months i practiced technique for 2 hours a day, i just want some music to work on...

should i just stay at the slow stuff?
pink floyd maybe??

Time solo = beast

maybe workin' man by rush. Thats an amazing solo, but still kinda blusey, i guess? Gary Moore maybe?
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Lets see what I can come up with...
The Dissentience solo as posted above isn't all that hard and it's what made me want to figure out the song in the first place

Selkies solo by Between the buried and me
Begins around 3:50
Not so bad until the ending parts with the sweeps and such.

White Walls solo also by BTBAM
Starts around 3:40
There are a couple pretty hard parts in there but otherwise it's not too bad.

I'd also say Ometh by After The Burial since it sounds awesome but it's really hard

That's what I found form going through one Youtube playlist of songs =\
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Go to suggest me a song thread above, or to Electric Guitar forum where they have a sticky about beginner's songs.
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