About to start a dumble build. Chassis and hardwear supplied from ceriatone. everything componentry wise im going to build from scratch and tweak a little as i go. want to use mercury magnetics OT and Choke, with a weber or heybouyer PT because i'm cheap.

Anyways, what i'm trying to get at is that i want the amp to be a bit of a two faced beast. fender style clean machine on one side and hard rock/blues on the other. I still havent made up my mind on the output section yet and its holding me back from placing orders.

I want to use either KT77's or KT88's. i could get around 60W from the 77's and around 70 from the 88's. but tonally will the extra 10W of beef from the 88's be worth it? or is it a negligable difference that could save me transformer money and weight? As for an OT would i be better to overrate it with the 100W version, risk under with the 50, or try to find something more to spec?
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i've never tried them, but if i were you, i would get the KT77. i've read it's a different kind of beast than a KT88. I would doubt a 60w and a 70w would be that much different. I also think you might want some powertube distortion involved, instead of having close to none from the KT88.

as far as the OT goes, overspec it with the 100w would be my suggestion.

have you considered hammond transformers for the PT, OT, and the choke? they have a lot to offer, rather cheap, and they're high quality. you might be able to find a good spec there.
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You want to have the OT rated at least at much wattage as the tubes can put out at maximum. As far as the 10W, it's more of a headroom issue than actual loudness, but it won't be too much more headroom either, go for whichever is more suited towards the tone your going for.

Here's a site that can give a bit of advice for building and designing, I found the output section very helpful. http://www.freewebs.com/valvewizard/

The very nice thing about DIYing is you can choose to use quality PTs OTs and chokes, I wouldn't skimp on these.

Don't forget to check into the resource thread to find a list of sites that will ship the parts you need to you.
money's not too much of an issue. the OT is the biggest factor for tone and an MM is only 150, the MM PT and choke add up to another 100, and the trannies are the bulk of an amps cost from what i can tell.

Since my first build was a ceriatone and their service was amazing im going to order the chassis with nothing but boards and mounting hardwear for 100 dollars including shipping.

with this totaling 350 i figure componentry i can manage to keep under 100, or even under 50 if i'm lucky. as for tubes, i have some hookups at my local GC and will be getting the full set around 40 dollars.

hopefully meeting my goal of a dumble for under 500 :]

As for designing/understanding circuitry i have to admit i'm still quite the noob. I pretty much have the preamp stuff down, but still pretty lacking in a more complex output section. the amp i built prior to this was a DC30 and the dumble is a much bigger task to handle with added features such as channel switching.
If you don't talk to your kids about GAS, who will?
No offense man but it sounds like your totally off the track as to get a D tone. Whytry and save as much as you can? Like sure you could get the passive elec parts for under $50 but they'll be crap.
im not after a D-tone, and i said under 100, 50 if i'm lucky. i know what brands are worth buying and i can get a lot of my orders through guitarcenter and another local store at cost.
i'm not necisarily doing this to make it as cheap as possible. but i figured i'd like to see how little i can spend when compared to buying a complete kit or premade amp. my budget is flexable up to 800 if i need so i'm not going to skimp out on parts. however i dont know the cost of every piece of componentry needed off the top of my head, and i estimated 100 dollars or less based off of my DC30.
If you don't talk to your kids about GAS, who will?
well sorry i dont mean to hypocrasize myself with this whole D-tone thing. however i think the D-tone is subjctive, so many different amps made by dumble and all the clones vary just a little bit, and have their own thing going.

i dont want a direct copy of the best dumble, i want to work off of a dumble to get my own sound. something a little more aggresive in the overdrive, and powerful on the clean channel. for that i figured KT's with an overrated OT would work best.
If you don't talk to your kids about GAS, who will?