As with everything I've posted on here; I'm no drummer. I'm going to leave most of the drums up to my actual drummer, but I still put some in just to give me a better idea of what it'll sound like.

This work in progress is pretty ABR influenced, and I'd like some feedback on what I've got right now. It's pretty much an intro/verse thing.
It's pretty sweet, it's a great start. Probably needs a bit more variation though, the 2nd guitar needs to build up a bit more I think rather than going straight form held chords to harmonies.

I actually preferred the riff that came in at the very end, you should definitely develop that further.
Overall it's pretty good, you should finish this

This is in the same sort of vein as a lot of the stuff I do with my band. The links are in my sig, I would be very grateful if you could check em out