Hey guys. Just need to ask you a few questions.

SO I am looking to buy a good starter bass. Here are some of my perameters:

$200-$350 price range (Ill push to $450 if I just love the bass)
4 string please (although if there is a cheap 5 ill go for it)

IVe already looked at a couple of basses, mainly the Schecter Raiden Deluxe 4 and the Ibanez SR300, but I dont know.

Any suggestions?
http://www.thomann.de/gb/fender_sq_vintage_modified_precision.htm = $325

http://www.thomann.de/gb/fender_squier_vint_mod_jazz_nt.htm = $350

Can't go wrong with either of them. They might be squier basses but they're on a par with Mexican built Fenders for less money.
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i would stay clear of cheap ibanez basses because in general, they sound muddy and boomy at higher volumes, and almost unusable at stage volumes. i would try to find a mexican fender at that price if you're wanting that much for the bass.

in all honesty however, something like a used squier for $120-150 would be my best suggestion and spend the rest on getting a better amp. because afterall, squier basses are really damn good, and a huge part of your tone comes from the amp