couldn't find this on the web... listening to the end of this, the DD-3 has some kind of 'sitar mode' (with the feedback totally maxed out). can this also be done on the DD-7? thanx!!!
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With the DD-7 it's pretty easy to create a sitar-like sound. Say you're going to play something sitar-y based around C harmonic minor (C-D-Eb-F-G-G#-B-C), take the DD-7 to the shortest delay width setting (10 - 50 ms?), dime the feedback, and tune the delay, with the delay speed dial, to Eb (you have to do this by ear). Takes a couple of mins, but it's really fun, and makes for some weird noises!

Hope that's sort of what you were looking for.

EDIT: Just listened to the track. Yeah, exactly like that.
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