this thread is about the oil problem in the gulf of mexico.

why dont they plug it up? are the stupid or something? they are letting billions of dollars seep up from the ocean and they arent doing anything about it. Gas could have been 2 dollars cheaper if the oil rig didnt blow to pieces! we could have gotten so much oil from there and they are just letting it piss away into the ocean. and they should have plugged up the hole from the start and cleaned a little bit up at a time to please the animal activists.. it is still constantly flowing and the gulf of mexico's wildlife is steadily decreasing and now those people like PETA will never let the government live it down and then we wont want to drill as much oil and gas will just get more expensive.

and its not just the gulf of mexico thats in danger, if the oil gets into the gulf stream then it will spread to the north east around new england and stuff.

and now they want to drill more holes there? i think whoever is in charge of this thing should be fired. what would they gain from drilling more holes there? just so another oil rig can blow up and let more money flow into the ocean?

whoever suessfuly plugs the hole up deserves a cookie.
Oh just plug it up. Of course! I wonder why they didn't think of that.... Seriously by posting this thread you saved the environment!
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