He's 10. Just wondering if this is good or bad. Haven't delved very far into the metal community myself. I've heard of them, but not really the overall view on them. I think they're kinda generic, but thats just my opinion.
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I'd be happy if I knew that my (hypothetical) ten year old brother was listening to music at all, especially if he was making his own choices and not just listening to whatever was 'in' at the time. I suppose it's a good thing, even though Seether are a bit pants.
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My 5 year old brother keeps telling me that his favorite band is The Jonas Brothers.

Be thankful.
They were a pretty good band as far as generic stuff goes, and then when they left this country the American music industry turned them into an utter disaster.

Tell him to stop being a tool and listen to good music.

Nah, it's good overall. To my knowledge of them (which is rather limited), they are not that dark or evil if that is your concern. Just go with the flow...it's not like your telling him not to listen to them will really matter.
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