This is going to be an amp based on the deluxe reverb but it'll have a few extra features.

Here is some of the stuff I'm adding

Reverb dwell
bright switches on both channels
"Thick" switch on both channels
Mid cut switch on both channels
Cathode bias switch
Channel selection switch (an AB box in front of the amp which is specially designed to ground the unused channel to eliminate hum)
Gain Boost on vibrato channel
Gain boost with volume dump on vibrato channel
Master volume
Voltage selector switch for 100v, 120v, 220v, 230v, and 240v

I'm still waiting for a couple resistors to come in but I've got the extra switches installed and the wiring is about half done. I'll get some pics up tomorrow.
Question: I have an amp that has two channels (Frontman 65R) and sometimes it hums. If i put whatever an AB box in my effects chain, would it help the humming/eliminate it?
The hum I'm eliminating with my AB box is the hum you get when you have a cable plugged into both channels of the amp. Normally the amps inputs will short out when nothing is plugged into them. If you have both channels plugged into the AB box then there is no short which means you would be getting extra hum from the 1st gain stage of the unused channel. My AB box shorts the unused channel so that it's not adding unnecessary hum. It only helps reduce hum on multi channel amps that have separate inputs for both channels. It won't reduce hum if you are switching between two separate amps (actually it'll probably make it worse due to ground loops) and wont reduce hum if your 2 channel amp is using 1 input and doing it's switching internally.
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Here are a few pics. My good camera broke so I'm using a video cam that has no flash so you are going to have to live with bad pics for now.

Here is the front.

1st switch (going left to right) is a bright switch that works just like any fender bright switch would

2nd switch is what I'm calling a "thick" switch. When up it thickens the treble and gives you a tweed(ish) tone that can be made even more tweedlike when the amp is in cathode bias mode and the bass is turned right to 0. In the middle position it'll give you standard blackface tone. When down it cuts the mids compleatly for a very thin and sparkly sound.

3rd is a boost for the vibrato channel. When up it works like a clean boost. In the middle it's normal blackface, and when down it boosts the preamp gain but then dumps the extra volume so that you can use the vibrato as a lead channel without having to have it any louder than the normal channel. The amount of volume that is dumped will be controlled with a pot under the chassis because there is no room on the front of the amp.

4th is bright switch for the vibrato channel
5th is a thick switch for the vibrato channel

The extra knob on the far right is for the master volume.

Here is a shot of the power supply wired to the voltage selector. It really cleans up the look of the amp not having 4 extra wires to cap or clip.

Here is a shot of the main board about half wired.

Notice the tone caps are on the pots rather than the board. This helps to eliminate extra noise. You can also see that I'm using Dijon caps for the vibrato channel and orange drops for the normal. This should make the vibrato channel a little more grainy (good for distortion) while the normal channel is more pristine and clean.
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