The song was a bass and drum instrumental at first but it later changed. It was called In Embryonic Form but it's now called Environmental Movement. The song is far from finished. C4C
Environmental Movement.gp4
Environmental Movement.gp5
Environmental Movement.mid
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I'd personally dump the intro. Even when the guitars first kicked in, they didn't catch my attention. That MIGHT be different with vocals. I liked the bassline throughout, but it'd work better as a guitar riff.

I liked the main riff, it had a nice groove to it, but I think you should try adding a harmony to bars 36-37. The arpeggio section was pretty bland to me.

Lose the tie in the strings at bar 58. The chord that's being held creates a bad dissonance with the octave guitar line. Dissonance can be cool sometimes, but it isn't in this instance.

The thrashy part was pretty cool. It came in a little bit too suddenly, but on its own, it was pretty cool. I thought 'Papyrus Containing the Spell...' by Nile the whole time, but it wasn't too similar. You should make that into a harmony line, too, IMO.

I love how the thrash part segues into the repeat of the bass groove. I added guitars to that part, and made the bass follow the rhythm guitar, but obviously it's your song, and if you don't want it that way, you won't make it that way. I can post the version with the altered ending if you'd like.

Really, the thrash bit and the bass groove were the only bits I liked, but if you came up with some other riffs that fit the song better, you could have a badass piece on your hands.

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