Alright guys, I have a 5150 II. It is not a bad amp, but the gain is not as usable as I would like as it is kinda muddy and just isn't as warm as I would like. Basically, I want an amp that can cover fusion in the likes of Shawn Lane and Al Di Meola to shred and metal like Paul Gilbert, Steve Vai, and John Petrucci. Basically, an amp that yields a warm and not overly bright lead tone, with special emphasis on blending a tone of Petrucci and Lane.

Also, budget is not a problem. The guitar I use most is an ESP M-II.
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get your 5150 modded to take KT77's. and try different pre amp valves.
Mesa Mark Series, or a recto if you EQ right. maybe a Carvin Legacy?? i've heard they make you sound like Vai and nothing else tho
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