Hello guys,
I want to buy a used guitar. The two guitar are at the same price, and in the same great condition. I try both and I like them equal. The Norman is a ST40 cutaway. The Martin is a DCX1RE. The both have a Fishman Classic 4T electronic.

Witch guitar would be the best choice ?

Martin. More solid build. Same price? Must be a steal.

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Martin really ? A lower end Martin will be better than a higher end Norman ? What would be the pros ans cons ?

Thanks so much !
Thanks for you help guys. I know than Martin is a great brand, but the fact than this model isn't all solid wood makes me a little hesitating about buying it. On an other side, the Norman guitar is all solid wood, and is a little more pricey new (1000 $ ish)...

A little confused right now..
It must be a hell of a deal on the Martin DCX1RE, because all the price listings I checked show the DCX1RE about a $250 higher than the ST-40. Check your pricing to be sure. If the Norman is priced in the Martin price range, its not a deal.

I don't know if HPL is just glue and sawdust, I would hope not. But even then, the Martin's with HPL backs and sides (X series) still sound like Martins. Norman does specify a mahogany-cherry-mahogany lamination for the back & sides.

Martin DCX1RE
TOP: Solid Sitka Spruce
BACK/SIDE MATERIAL: Indian Rosewood Pattern HPL Textured Finish
NECK MATERIAL: Rust Stratabond®
NECK SHAPE: Modified Low Oval
NUT MATERIAL: White Corian®
SADDLE: Compensated White Tusq
FINISH TOP: Hand Rubbed Finish
made in Mexico
lifetime warranty

Norman ST-40
Back & Sides : 3-way Lamination of Mahogany
Top : Cedar (Select Pressure Tested Solid Top)
Fingerboard & Bridge : Rosewood
Finish : Semi-Gloss Custom Polished Finish
Tusq® nut & saddle by Graphtech
Made In Canada
limited lifetime warranty

Keep playing them. If they keep coming up equal in sound and feel to your ears, buy the cheaper of the two. But do play some others in the same and 20% higher price range. Then haggle it down to your price. Case and tax included. Never pay sticker. Always negotiate,
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the norman isn't a solid guitar - it's just a different kind of laminate back and sides.

isn't norman made by godin, the makers of seagull and art & lutherie? if so, i might consider it since i'm a huge fan of godin's cedar topped guitars. can you try both guitars out in person?
Have never played a Norman but for what its worth I have owned a DX1 in the past. I personally thought it it was a great guitar for the price. Easy to play, nice action with a smooth rounded tone (from memory). Why did I sell it?? Too much kit under the bed, in cupboards and I always played my D18 as first chouce so this one went to a friend (who loves it). Yes its not solid wood but it still sounds good. Hope that helps.
The Norman is Priced $425 with a soft case and the Martin is $500 with a martin hard case...

What would be your pick ?

Thanks again
i'd go for the norman although i haven't tried one, but i've owned two seagulls and have played many, many godin guitars. by and large, i liked all of them within their price ranges. martin hpl is known for cracking in less than perfect humidity, and i've been told that it is not fixable, and imo the x series dreads are bass heavy. keep in mind that the laminate on the back and sides of the norman are sheets of wood pressed together - the martin HPL is basically particle board.

on the other hand, the martin is a much deeper discount - it's usually around $699. since i never buy a guitar thinking about price, only sound and feel, i wouldn't let that sway me, but you may feel differently.

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The Norman is Priced $425 with a soft case and the Martin is $500 with a martin hard case...

What would be your pick ?

Thanks again