All righty. I can't play drums and even if I could I don't have a kit and right now I am not able to buy one.

I do enjoy recording my own music and I need a way to create my own drum tracks. I have a MIDI keyboard if that helps.

Any suggestions at all are very much appreciated.

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Buy one of the many drum software programs out there. They start as cheap as $100 (EZDrummer) all the way up to $400 (BFD 2)

Out of all the ones I've used, Addictive Drums are my favorite. Its really easy to use, has some great drum beats already in it and can sound even more like a real kit with some good mixing. Theres also Superior Drummer which runs around the same price as AD but I found it harder to use.
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Go on my profile, and listen to the drums in my MP3's.

If you want that program, then PM me.
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Cheers for the replies!

How can I actually create my own grooves though? I've tried EZDrummer but I am looking for more freedom than just pre-created loops.

Thanks again
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Open up the midi editor in your DAW and program the beats yourself
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If you are happy with drum loops and combining them to create your final beat you may not find this program is for you then. This program is for creating drums beats from scratch.