Alternative five piece from Leeds playing out original jams.

Debut EP, produced by Shifty Chicken Records, released on 04/06/10.



"...a unique sound, an energy and extremely intense live show and a sense of urgency that bands of much greater maturity could definitely learn a thing or two from..."

Kev Trotter
The Beat Surrender

"...You get the impression they have something to say and in true northern working class style, don't really give a shit about polished edges as long as the music is heard..."

Ken Foster

"...guitar that would make Johnny Marr swoon..."
Shane Blanchard
Tasty Fanzine

"...somewhere between the more technically minded guitar orientation of the current Brit school and the chunky alternative rock of the stateside contingent..."

Tom Keighley
Leeds Music Scene
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i thought it was good. singer needs to practice but with more experience it will get there.