Hello UG, I'm new and have a question.
So, here it is. I've been playing guitar for close to two years, and currently have a Dean 79 V, a Westone Pantera X300 in the shop for parts, and a Hamer Strat Rip off. I play metal, like Slayer, Megadeth, Pantera, other various Thrash and Hard Rock aswell. I also play Nirvana, and rock such as kryptonite by 3 Doors Down for example. So, I need a guitar which has a thin-ish neck, can handle these styles, and I'll be able to solo on it. I've been looking at the Fender Jaguar HH and have been wondering how it handles metal. I've also been looking at the LTD EC 1000 MGO. I have a Roland Cube 30 X and a Dime Crybaby From Hell wah pedal. If not these guitars, what would you recommend? Thanks in advance.
i have the jaguar HH, swapped the pickups though.
It's a quite comfortable guitar, assuming you're talking about the CIJ version. As for metal, i am not sure it would handle it THAT well, it can do it, but you can do better. However, for a grungy sparkly kind of sound, it's great, it sounds very trebly, though the humbuckers make it warmer. The neck pickup is pretty smooth, the bridge one is too shrill for my taste though, IIRC, it was just plain treble...

The main issue I've had with this guitar is that the low E string tends to get out of the bridge saddle when you strum

otherwise, it looks great, feels great, sounds great =)
So would you recommend I get it, and swap the pickups, or go for a whole new guitar?