I joined this band about a month ago, and played my first show last weekend. As the drummer is going away until July, no shows have been organised although a tour has been setup for September and plans have been made to record prior to the tour.
With that info comes my dilemma.

When I joined this band I was really looking for somethink that just "worked", and although I factored the music into it, It wasnt number #1 on my list. After playing a show with them this past weekend it is apparent that my heart really isn't in the music, everything on stage felt really forced. To add to this money is somewhat hard to come by and recording/touring won't be cheap.

The thing is that they are a great bunch of dudes, and I wouldn't want to leave them in the lurch or burn any bridges but as my heart isn't in it i'm not sure what I should do.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
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If your heart's not in it, just have a chat with the rest of the guys and say "I have concerns over x and y" etc. Have a discusssion about why you thought the performance felt "forced" and see what you or they can do to make it a more heartfelt experience for you all.

If that all goes tits up, screw it. Ultimately it comes down to your enjoyment. If you're not enjoying it, move on.
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I would perform a couple more times with them. It could have just been first show heebeejeebees.

This. Give it a little while longer, you really never know.

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just beat off on stage and then light yourself on fire.

then never play a show again
Go to real hardcore shows.
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