wow, haha, that was surprisingly good
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i fond God too, man! i sat next to him on the bus once. he told be the meaning of life and then gave me a pretzel. i can't remember what the meaning of live was, but it was a good pretzel, man!

TBH, this song enrages me every time I hear it on the radio. I have to admit though, this version is far more listenable for me. Nice work on the vocal harmony.

Thanks for the crit btw.
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Hahaha, even though I hate that song, you guys are tight. You're especially good at the harmonies. The guitar playing is nice also, but I can't really comment on it much cause it's pretty easy.
All in all, awesome version of that annoying song.
Sending a dummy to my God.

Sending a dummy to my God.

Sending a dummy to my God.

Sending a dummy to my God.