So I'm looking at getting an amp

Playing in bedroom mostly and very small gigs/jams or maybe I could just get an amp that retains its value then sell when i want to start gigging?

Here is what I've been looking at, I have no idea about this stuff I don't think i need an amp with lots of modeling or effects as I have a G2 for that so perhaps just a good clean? I'm not sure though

In my currency I'd like to keep it under 400AU, music I play is mostly Jimi Hendrix, muse, dire straits.. etc (I don't touch metal/shred l)

Here's a couple of amps I'm looking at - options: buy a cheap but "ok" practice amp and save up for a blues junior or buy a "non entirely shit" amp now and sell it later?

Peavey bravo 112 $400 (second hand)
Rage 158 $140 (second hand)
Microcube $170 (new)
Vox dA5 $180 (new)
Ibanez TBX15R $160
Roland cube 15 $200
Champion 600 $400 new
AC4TV $400 new

Hopefully that gives people an idea of the prices - what would you guys recommend in the (doesn't have to be listed). Keep in mind I'm a broke uni student

A) $200au range
B) $400au range

If i get a prac amp if i NEED to gig with it I could just mic it up yeah or buy a cab?
First of all.......Great Thread Start

If you want to run your mfx pedal through an amp then look for a used clean tube amp, or even a solid state amp. Roland JC, Fender Bassman, MusicMan, stuff like that. Otherwise, save up and get a Peavey Vypyr 60 (power tube version). Effects galore.

ping some other UG'rs that are in Ausie