project ive been working on:

some history form wiki:

Phase Three
Around 1974, the Hi Flier was updated with a new finish option (Natural), and most importantly- twin humbuckers replacing the single coil P-90 type pickups. These humbuckers were already in production for the "Ripper" strat copy and "Gimme" Les Paul. They are extremely high output humbuckers with a distinctive chrome surround, clear plastic top, and three-screw mounting. Though these humbuckers strayed significantly from the Mosrite design the guitar was based on, their unique tone and high-output have made them a sought after Phase of the Hi Flier---capturing the quintessential Hi Flier tone.

Production of the Hi-Flier reached its peak in the mid 1970s, so consequently phase three Hi-Fliers are the most common variety found today.

In addition, Natural finish Hi-Fliers, and many later phase three Hi-Fliers (in Black) were fitted with all maple necks and fingerboard

note: Part of the appeal of the Mosrite copy is the very light weight,.. Indeed, Kurt Cobain, a big fan of the guitars, refered to them as "plywood beasts". There aren't actually plywood but a very lightweight wood. I've taken mine apart and it is definitely real wood in there. I'm also not sure if other Univox guitars were this light weight. The only problem is that in the bass and possibly in other guitars, the balancing causes the neck of the guitar to point downward when not supported.

the sound of this guitar can be heard on songs like "about a girl"

- the beginning

the guitar needed:

new tuners
new pots
new switch
new wiring
fix the neck pickup
new nut
custom bridge mods
refinish the headstock

total cost - 40 bucks. 10 for a bone nut, and all electronics and cheap tuners for 30. got the guitar fo free.
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the headstock. some moron painted over it...really badly too. and the nut was messed up so i busted that off....(yes i busted my nut haha)
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not sure which try this is. took about 2-3 different times to get the buzz gone. this is the first time ive wired a guitar.

it was a success.
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I love the Mosrite look

this has some nice potential!
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neck pickup had some wires busted

again my first attempt at fixing a pickup. as most things, if you spend enough time on youtube and google you can learn just about anything. and i darn good with my hands, and have more equipment in my garage than a fender custom shop (not really). but point being, all i needed was to know what wires to solder where.

this stuff really isnt that hard.

pickup guts


it wasnt untill after i finished i realized i had a wire stripper in the tool cabinet. i stripped all those wires by hand using an exacto knife. yes...it was tedious and annoying. but again...im very good with my hands. no wire was damaged.

and i bought a soldering iron. yesturday i found 5 in my garage. darn it.
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grounding bridge:

the tremolo as missng peices. i could have made a spring, trem arm, and trem arm retainer. however, fasioning things out of metal by hand is a mother. i will consider doing it in the future.

so, i have to route my own ground wire from the nely added bridge as the trem ground obviously will not work

note: this is a "badass" bridge. it was bent because somebody used posts that dint fit it. i custom made spacers to fill the gaps, which are underneath. its beat up but i cleaned the dirt off and am using it.

why anybody would ruin the trem and add this POS bridge i dont know. effing moron.
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.....yes those are new pots and switch. cheap ones, but they work. need to add the gold knobs

coming together. notice that i refinished the headstock.

used paint stripper, and the finished underneath was still preserved as well as the original univox logo.

IMG_1531 (2).JPG
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Very cool. I also have a phase 3 hi-flyer with the original humbuckers except mine is black (unforunately, no maple fretboard).
Luckily, the trem and bridge on mine is all original and fully functional. All I need for it is the actual bar.

Only problem is mine needs a new nut. So were did you get yours? Is it custom carved? Everywhere I have looked at replacement nuts basically only has strat-sized nuts.

I would really appreciate more info on where you got your nut so I can get my hi-flyer up and playing. It will make a cool pair with my Univox u-400g amp.
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yeah. i really wish the trem wasnt missing peices or i would have gotten and roller bridge and used it. oh well. maybe as a project i will custom fashion parts out of metal. i estimate it would take me a week to make a arm, spring, and trem arm retainer (that would be the hardest).

i went to my local shop and dug in a bin of random nuts. we found one that wasball park. i wanted to sand it myself but the guy had a bench grinder and shave some off.

i thought it fit perfectly, however after putting it on teh guitar and stringing it, the low E sat to low and had fret buzz. i had to make a resin out of wood/plastic shavings i was using and glue, and let it dry inot the slot, making it smaller.

what i should have done was attempt to measure that before gluing the nut on, so i could put something under it to raise it.

the but cost me 10 bucks.

i recommend getting one that lines up right (have th guy help you). but either let him install it, or install it yourself to avoid the problem that i had.

and i do have to say the pickups are really unique. i do like the guitar, but would part out the guitar and keep the pickups if i chose to get rid of it.
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im not really a part of those sites but i suppose i could join.

i have to report back that the pickups in that guitar are wuite FANTASTIC for a guitar that was given to me....which is probably why curt cobain was a fan of these guitars.

cleans are good, but about as good as my ep les paul. different tone, but nothing out of the ordinary (higher pitch tone, whereas the les is of course more full and throaty)

however, this guitar handles high treble gain AMAZINGLY well. think angus young and brian may. in fact, i just played the Soundgarden Spoonman solo. its that sound. its really sweet.

i have to say considering that you cant buy these pickups anymore, i will NEVER get rid of them, i will sell the guitar for parts before i let the pickups go. best ever no? but i am getting better tones than i ever thought i would be getting from a low end free-be guitar. these damn thing is SWEET.

i just wish the guitar was in better shape and played a little better. the neck is small and thin, with SG fretless wonder style frets. this guitar shreds. it is without question easier to play faster than my epi les paul which i tought had a great setup.

however, due to its age and general care/setup there are still some dead spots, and some of the setup is still a little off, mainy around the top 3 strings starting at the 17th fret, and string height at hte nut is a little off.

other than that, this thing has some blazing high treble gain speed going on.
Good restoration job, I must say I'm actually getting kinda interested in these guitars now. I'm not going to buy one for eBay prices but if I ever see one on Craigslist or something for cheap (I'm thinking within the $250 range) I'll pick it up provided I don't need to buy anything else at the time.
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