My Seagull came in today. It's the Maritime SWS Holk HG. I haven't got a chance to really test it out since the kids are still awake and won't leave me alone

I tried to upload the pictures but they are too large (6MB each). I'm somewhat computer illiterate so if anyone can give suggestions how to share them I would appresciate it.
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Please do upload pics! I'm going to order a Seagull Maritime SWS Dread! Are you new to playing the guitar because I am, and I'm worried about the wide neck! Enjoy your guitar!
OK. pics should be up.

Libra, I have played a classical guitar before so I'm used to even wider necks.

The only thing I have to do is change the strings. I really don't like the ones it came with. Definitely not finferstyle strings.