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Okay so I have a Washburn X10... yes, it's a starter guitar I know and pretty much a POS..but anyway:

I really like the neck and light weight of the body and I'm planning on gutting the electronics in it and replacing everything, along with repainting it.
Currently it is a HSS configuration, and I want to fill the middle coil and made it just a H-S.

I'm looking to put in a Bill Lawrence L500XL in the bridge (reversing it, just like Dimebag had...I think) and a BL single coil (forget the name) in the neck position.

I have a 5-way switch with a single volume knob (ripped tone out), and I'm thinking I'll need 2 500k volume pots for this. My questions are:
--Can I keep the 5-way switch for a HS configuration guitar?
--Would two volume pots be adequate? I don't really want to drill anymore holes in the guitar besides the volume and tone holes already there.
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well, single coils usually use 250k pots..
500k's give you more high end (maybe too much)

and you can keep the 5-way, but it probably won't work the way you like..
you're really better off just buying a new 3-way blade switch

edit: and yeah, theres nothing wrong with 2 volumes, as long as you don't mind losing the tone control
Okay forget the Bill Lawrence pickups - Tech guy told me they are extremely low output and recommended Seymour Duncans.

I'm pretty sure I am buying the SH6 Duncan Distortion for the bridge and the SHR1 Hot Rails for the neck. I'm still deciding on whether or not to have two volumes, or a volume and a tone. Regardless, it will be a 500k volume pot.

Paint job will consist of a white body, with a black splatter effect accenting specific areas of the guitar. Hopefully this should all begin with the next 30 days or so, I would hope. Pictures will be posted throughout the entire process
I was thinking a very bright white, not eggshell or anything. Pretty much primer, with a white coat on top of it (spray can), and then deciding on a splatter pattern using black paint and a brush. I will probably lightly sand the splatter, since it will create an uneven coat. Then I will clear coat (spray) it and that should be that

I'm also installing Seymour Duncan Duncan Distortion in the bridge and a Cool Rails in the neck. Pictures will be provided once I begin, which should be next week sometime. Cheers!

My question to everyone is what should I do with the headstock? I'm putting on locking tuners (Sperzels?), but I really don't like the shape of the headstock itself. I was thinking something more or less like an Ibanez shape. I really don't feel like drilling new holes or anything, so I have to work around the tuners.

Give it the Parker Fly treatment, i.e. chop of all parts of the headstock except for a strip where the tuners go.
I reshaped mine into this.

It looks pretty ibanez-y.
Bari Build

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I think I'll take your idea salsawords if that's okay. It seems to be the only nice-looking shape I can get out of this neck. :P:

Sanding off the back of it today using just a orbital sander with 80 grit sandpaper. Worked well for the most part, but took off some wood on the angled parts. I'm not really worried since I will be covering the wood eventually, but I'm glad I finally got this project going

I'll post another picture of the sanded body tomorrow.
Okay I lied about the picture today. I have paint on the horns to sand off and it will officially be a bare body. There are some nasty parts on the front near the bridge pickup, most likely from a shitty router cutting it out.

Anywho, once I'm done sanding the horns tomorrow I'm gonna bevel the front of the body. I'll DEFINITELY have a picture up tomorrow
Sorry for the delay and everything, but I've been busy with other stuff.

So without further ado, here's some pictures

Those horns took FOREVER. Hand sanding is a bitch. Also, that terrible fill job near the humbucker is a factory fault, not mine. Let's just say I'm glad I'll be painting over this

I took salsaword's idea and am thinking of the headstock look like this:

And for a bonus, I got the first base coat on for my pedalboard build

One more coat tomorrow, then clear (any advice on how many clear coats I should put on?), then just the final accessories and such to screw on.
Christ, I just realized how long this simple pedalboard project has lasted. I can't paint 90% of the time because it's simply too hot and humid outside for the clear/spray to do what it needs to do.

We already did a couple thin spray-on lacquer coats for this, but it's not what we're looking for. I think we're just gonna use a normal brush method by hand.

Also in relevance to the Washburn, we just have to dremmel out the right horn and bevel the entire guitar slightly. I learned yesterday my dad's friend also has a 5 HP compressor for all my painting needs

Any recommendations on paint for an absolute beginner using a paint gun?
If you mean specific types of paint, use a enamel and thin it down to the consistency of milk.
I find it pretty easy to work with.
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Yea, always test on scraps first. Painting a solid color or clearing something isn't that hard really. It's just making sure the gun is setup right, and the paint is mixed correctly.
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New peechurs of stuff I did today!

1.) Cut the headstock and sanded off the logo

2.) Sanded/beveled the body and right horn. Also filled in the middle pickup with a block of ash and put wood filler around whatever didn't fit perfectly. I'm letting it dry and shrink overnight and will sand it down tomorrow.

Looking gewddddd!

Also, I bought me some Sperzel locking tuners off of Stew Mac I'll put on once everything's done.
I just received some Sperzel locking tuners in the mail and was wondering what is the best way to install them?

I know you have to drill a hole into the back of the headstock to secure it but how do I do this?

Also, the tuning pegs are staggered and have varying heights. Does the Low E receive the tallest tuning pegs or does the high E?
Low E.
build 1, finished 1/15/11

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There's nothing else I can really do...

Put in some side dots today!

I got somebody lined up to do airbrushing and such on the guitar. Any ideas for graphics? I was thinking the Tool Lateralus eye on the headstock and some "cracked lava" design everywhere base coat of course.
Pictureless bump.

Finishing up filling any cracks in the middle pickup block and whatnot. Gotta bevel a side on the back after realizing it's a bit beveled already for over-sanding. Damn you basswood and you sponge quality!
I know it no longer matters but, Dime had the Neck humbucker flipped, so the "hotter coil" was closer to the bridge.

And I know you've chosen the Seymour Duncan but I can ensure you the Bill Lawerence is extremelyyyyyy hot!

On a related note - love the headstock!
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It was actually his bridge pickup that he turned around. I have the bill lawrence in my bridge, I think it's got a decent output.

TS: I'm excited to see the final product here. I washburn.

Also, depending on the switch, you may be able to use the 5 way to do coil splitting and such with the bridge pickup.
Just a 2-month-later update:

I'll be getting the guitar back Sunday night. Before I post any pictures, I have to do some major truss rod adjustments and buy/put all the electronics and hardware back on.

Question: To paint the bridge plate on my strat-style tremolo, could I just use high enamel gloss spray paint? I don't want to buy a whole new trem for this...I've spent enough money as it is.
I'll have to do something like this to my Oscar Schmidt OX10, which is the exact same guitar I believe. For the trem, I think Krylon and a few other brands make spray paint specifically designed to adhere to metal, but I have no experience with it.
The guitar is here

The color is actually a gold accent, not burnt orange. But nonetheless, the man (Danny Felix) get an amazing job for his first time painting a guitar. The back isn't painted, nor the front of the headstock (back of the headstock is), but I really don't mind. The body design and back of the neck/headstock look amazing.

Now that I just told you all that, I leave with no pictures. They will be up in the next week when I get everything put together and soldered and whatnot. College essays seem to be getting in the way of this.

If you want to find an example of the paintjob I had done, there was a thread in GG&A a while back about PRS Factory pr0nz that had the design in it. Good luck finding it
Here's a teaser of the finish...

The things I have to do still are:
-Install Sperzels (1/6 done)
-Adjust truss rod if necessary
-Buy mini 500k volume and tone pots
-Install/wire pickups, controls, jack, grounds
-Setup completely

Then after this I'll get some shiny pictures up and all that good stuff
Looks Awesome!


I like the paint job. Looks sick!
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my god........ that's beautiful!!

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I ordered 3 500k pots from AllParts and here's what I received:
-Two (2) 250k pots
-One (1) 500k pot

**** you Allparts.

guess I'll be returning them tomorrow or something..

Also, installing and drilling new countersinks for tuners is a bitch.

I just got it back from getting set up and the frets honed/polished.

I must say, 5150 + V30s + C# is tone heaven for me at the moment. I don't even play bR00tz and I love this setup. I'll post a thorough review after I get out of Honeymoon-land. Pictures shortly too

The orange peel definitely isn't as bad as what the picture makes it seem.

Blurriness fail.

Final Customizations:
-Seymour Duncan Distortion bridge pickup
-SD Cool Rails pickup
-Filled in middle pickup route
-Altered headstock shape
-Side dots added to fretboard
-Master volume/master tone/3-way
-Sculpted out heel for easier higher fret access
-Sperzel locking tuners
-Rolling string trees
-100% badassery

I had it set up in C# standard so I'd be able to play lower tunings without having to constantly go down from E standard on my other guitar. The Distortion pup is extremely clear (in a good way) and has great dynamics. The Cool Rails is medium-low output and great when you want to roll off the high-end and do some jazz and whatnot.

The neck is bigger, similar to my Schecter. Now that it's painted, it does feel a little bit slower than the original neck. However, I really don't mind and I can still move around the fretboard with plenty of speed.

Total cost: Enough to buy a new medium to high-end guitar.

I learned a bunch with this and it was definitely a long journey getting to this point. Hope you all like it!
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that is gorgeous :O

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