I play guitar quite average but not well enough to play in a band which is forming around a group of musicians I jam with. None of them are singers so there's an opening for me if I can get vocals down. I've not got much experience so was wondering where to start. I have a naturally low voice and am fairly comfortable practicing tone but problems are a) projection and b) maintaining/holding a note.

And I have now no money for lessons so not really an option.

Any tips/help would be appreciated.
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Play a scale on the guitar and sing the notes as you play them.

Practise holding notes (with and without vibrato).

Practise how you stand - your presence will be important.
ultimate-guitar is for idiots.
From experience, you can get through a gig if you win over the audience with your personality, rather than singing skill. It's obviously a far better situation to have both singing skill and a good relationship with a crowd, but if you have no skill, it's better to try to get the crowd over anyway so you don't draw too much attention to your faults.

Otherwise, write songs within the most comfortable part of your range and practice, practice. If you want to get serious, you really should get a singing teacher.
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.