I'm in a band called Barrow from Greensboro, NC. We play heavy, melodic music and I'd say we cite our influences to be bands such as As Cities Burn, Loma Prieta, Russian Circles, City of Caterpillar, things of that sort.

Please listen to our two song demo on MySpace if you get a moment and let us know what you think!

Thank you very much!
It wasn't all that bad but the one thing I'd suggest is whoever screams to work on improving that aspect of the vocals. Sometimes it sounds alright and some parts it sounds like yelling and doesn't work as well.
is too young to be versed in such grown up ways...

please listen to my band at www.drawntofury.com
I'm really enjoying this right now. Gotta some different kind of feel that I am enjoying. The screaming isnt amazing but it gives that feel im talking about. Without this akward screaming I dont thing the band would give off the same feel, and If you couldn;t tell already, Im all about feel.
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Thank you so much for the kind words, I'm really happy that we got so much feedback on here. Please pass us on to anyone else that you feel might like us, we're hoping to release something tangible as soon as we have the funds to do so.
awesome music. monochromatic seriously kicks arse
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