im talking about woods and pick ups.
my ltd that is mahogany body with flame maple top with emg 81s compared to my jackson RR3 that is alder with a dimarzio x2n(bridge) and the stock duncan designed(neck)
i just basically want to know if im going to get the LTD sound out of my V if i put emgs in.
Alder is a much brighter tonewood than mahogany and V's have a different tone to them in general. So in short your mahogany LTD and your alder V are never going to sound exactly alike. Although EMG's sound pretty similar no matter what you put them in. So that will help.
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thats pretty much what i wanted to know. i figured they would never sound exactly alike, but i just love the sound of my ltd and would like to get a closer sound out of my v
just put actives in all your guitars and dime your gain. Both of your guitars will sound relatively similar.
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EMG active pups don't really do anything with the wood.

If you have a cheap guitar with shit wood and you put an EMG active pup in there it will sound the same as your LTD.

That's how they work

That's why you see a lot of people taking hello kitty guitars and putting emg's in them and they sound great for metal.