im talking about woods and pick ups.
my ltd that is mahogany body with flame maple top with emg 81s compared to my jackson RR3 that is alder with a dimarzio x2n(bridge) and the stock duncan designed(neck)
i just basically want to know if im going to get the LTD sound out of my V if i put emgs in.
Alder is a much brighter tonewood than mahogany and V's have a different tone to them in general. So in short your mahogany LTD and your alder V are never going to sound exactly alike. Although EMG's sound pretty similar no matter what you put them in. So that will help.
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thats pretty much what i wanted to know. i figured they would never sound exactly alike, but i just love the sound of my ltd and would like to get a closer sound out of my v
just put actives in all your guitars and dime your gain. Both of your guitars will sound relatively similar.
Prs se Holcomb is the answer
EMG active pups don't really do anything with the wood.

If you have a cheap guitar with shit wood and you put an EMG active pup in there it will sound the same as your LTD.

That's how they work

That's why you see a lot of people taking hello kitty guitars and putting emg's in them and they sound great for metal.