Im looking into some different tunings. I use Drop D, C#, Drop C, and standard versions of these tunings, but am feeling completely musically exhausted. I cant come up with anything unique...Im tired of these same tunings.

My problem I am having though is that Ive been looking at other tunings, and some of them require the strings to be tuned ABOVE standard tuning. Is this not risky for the strings to break??


Open B tuning: CGCGCE
The B string has to be tuned UP?

Open Am tuning: EAEACE
G & B strings are tuned up.

So many tunings seem to be like this...am I not understanding something? Or am I right that they get tuned UP above STANDARD TUNING? Will the strings break??
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If you're looking at open tunings I suggest Open D/E and G/A. Open D and Open G are both down-tuned to avoid the stress you mentioned - then you just capo the 2nd fret to get open E and A respectively. Open D is great for Bob Dylan and Allman Brothers style licks; I like open G for slide (A for Zeppelin's In My Time of Dying).
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If you want a beautiful tuning, I suggest open Amaj7, the tuning is EAC#G#AE, most are downtuned, but the Gstring is tuned up, which isnt really a problem, at least it never broke on me before. it sounds great if you play it clean
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the strings might break and you could be adding tension to the neck by tuning up. you could try tuning it up when you change strings because they will have a lot of slack and then you might have to adjust your trus rod. you could also try using a little lighter strings if you are using heavy ones.
Some tunings do require one or more strings to be tuned up. Depending on the tuning, the tension could even itself out a bit and you should be fine. Some tunings I would be wary about (for example, I remember looking at a tab to a song that said the tuning was EADGBF# or something like that. I would be very careful when using a tuning like this).
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