I like this- the chord choices are very nice, and I like your singing voice, very clear and cutting. Kind of reminds me of Mike Kinsella's tone of singing (American Football, Owen).

I think the transition into the distorted guitar could have been better, but it's very consistant after that and the guitar break around the end was pretty cool. Good song
I assume you're an American? I am. You gotta love an English accent on a female. I once dated a white girl from Africa with a very nice English accent. I like your song best when the distorted guitar kicks in, though the intro is OK. The background vocals are OK, but they're getting a bit lost in the mix. Main vocals are OK, the song itself is my favorite part. I wonder if the main vocals would sound any better if you double-tracked them. Overall, I think the recording is rather good!
pretty good with very entertaining lyrics. i agree the transition from clean to distorted could have been a little better. keep up the good work.

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the song sounds great, however that drum machine sound kinda threw me off. the song itself is really fun and very honest in my opinion, i'm not into Pop Punk but i wont deny a good song when i hear it so this is from an unbaised opinion. I can't hear the bass and that transition from clean to distorted could be smoother.
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not sure why people dont like the transition to the distorted part. i thought it worked well. i thought the intro bit was ok, nothing spectacular. then there was this sort of abrupt transition and the song started kicking. really liked the song, it was catchy and fun and got my head bobbing. guitar tone sounded good, or at least it fit the song really well. didnt really notice much of a bass, but i wasnt really listening for it so i could have missed it. i did hear the bass in the intro, and it sounded good there. nice tone to it, which is why im kinda suprised i didnt notice it later.

for suggestions, bring up the lead guitar in the solo, it doesnt quite cut through enough so it needs more volume. maybe work on the sound of that hi hat. it sounded a bit off since it was hit so often and never really had a chance to fill out. not sure what it needs, just needs something. overall, drums were kinda meh. very pop punk style to be sure, but there are some bands that do something a bit more interesting at times.

i really like the song. i think the drum sound is the main thing i would work on if i were you. other than that, its a nice catchy song

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Sounds a lot like Blink 182. Not a bad thing, I always thought they were fun, catchy, and entertaining. I think those are the strong points of this song. I think it's a cool concept, too. I wasn't crazy about your voice at first, kinda caught me off guard! It's very well suited for this kind of music.

As far as the music itself, are those sampled drums or real drums? I would suggest turning the hi hat down a touch and instead of going "1-2-", double it and make it "1-2-3-4" if that makes sense. (it probably doesn't :p

I also really like I think i'll hold out hope. It's really catchy and just awesome. It's probably gonna be stuck in my head for the day!
The acoustic intro sounded a little buzzy. The tempo change when the distortion comes in is cool. The vocals sound like Blink 182, like someone mentioned. The backing vocals are too quiet. Overall this is a pretty cool song.
I really like this, it reminds me of The Ergs. I wasn't expecting the transition to distorted guitars, but it worked very well.
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not my style, but great lyrics and delivery. like the speed. solo worked well with song. a slower acoustic outro would prob sound pretty good at the end. keep up the good work