Hey guys a while back i searched up some stuff and found shred competitions on youtube and forgot where to find em.

it was called shred off or something like that, there were shred battles and the winner would get shredder of the year and play a song usually at the end of the video.

I cant find them anymore but there was some serious shredding in the videos it was all like pro shredders from all over and they came to a shred seminar and had battles.

If anyone can give me info i would love to see the videos again i cant remember the name
I, too, would like to know where this is.
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I, too, would like to know where this is.

**** dude the videos were so sick if i could remember who was in them or who hosted the show would be great.

It was basically a shred competition and they would all battle and take turns shredding for i think 5 mins each then the top 5 went at it eventually the top 2 then the winner shreds for 5 more mins and then he plays a song of his choice usually something they made themselfs or a song from one of their cds

and winner got a guitar and some junk to go with it