I'd like to change all the hardware on my guitar to black. It'd look much better than the chrome it has on it now. However, I'm not so sure if I know what I'm doing. I'm going to replace the TOM bridge with a black one and change the tuners with some black Gotohs. How would I go about doing this and would I have to set the intonation/action on the new bridge? Any help would be appreciated.
Just make sure everything's the same size and it should be a breeze.
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Quote by spacec0wboy
would I have to set the intonation/action on the new bridge?

Assuming it's intonated now you could just look at the old bridge and set the new one up the same way...
Make sure the new bridge has the same string spacing as the old one and make sure the studs are the correct diameter. For the tuners make sure the shaft size is the same and the height.
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