Hey Ya'll

I'm in Australia and in the market for a new strat. I'm after an American Standard, however am not a fan of any of the colours, except maybe the Olympic White that they offer. What I REALLY want is Sonic Blue or Surf Green, but they aren't offered on the new American Standards

So basically what I'm asking, is there an American production model offered in Sonic Blue or Surf Green??

Thanx in advance!

Oh, and re-finishing is NOT an option.
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love the taste in color and i have no idea why fender dont issue it any more with the american standard. i have a friend with a Surf Green fender P-Bass and it looks sweet.
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Quote by SeeEmilyPlay
Are you against purchasing a MIM?...sometimes they are even better than americans... it seems like the quality of product coming out of the u.s is going to crap nowadays anyway.

i have to disagree.

of the major manufacturers i would say fender is doing about the best at keeping great guitars at the $1000 mark. having compared many MIM strats/teles to MIA recently, i really have to disagree.

that said, the MIM 60's strat is a dayum nice guitar, but i'd rather have an american special for about the same cash.

also, a daphne blue strat will fade to sea foam green over time.
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I have an MIM 50's classic strat in surf green. Its a fantastic guitar all around.
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