Hi, how can I get rid of a feedback like sound when I'm playing the electric. I'm only using two fingers and I've noticed that when I try to mute the 6th string, the string still vibrate thus the feedback sound. PS I'm using a Digitech RP350 effects
i'm not sure exactly what you're asking, but if you're asking on ways to mute the low E string, a common method is to wrap your thumb around the neck and use it to mute it
I'm playing the second fret on the 6th string and using my P finger in holding down the string then when I reach the parts where I need to mute the string, I still use my P finger but the string still vibrates a little and produces this feedback like sound
Hi there,

What do you mean by P finger? Pinky or thumb?
When you say mute, what are you trying to do. Palm mute the note you are playing so it sounds heavy or when you say "mute" do you just mean stop the note from ringing when you play it?

If you are trying to stop the note from continuing to ring after you have played it you can lightly rest the side of your picking hand on the strings near where you pick the string. This will cut and stop the strings from vibrating which will stop the sound.

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Yea I'm trying to stop the strings from vibrating. Thanks didn't think of using my picking hand to mute.
Use your picking hand to mute the strings, I found it's just one of those things that come with time and you'll just start doing it, the idea is to sorta slide your hand down with the pick as you go down strings, The tricky thing is trying to mute things when you're going up strings