My band has an audition next weekend for a local version of America's Got Talent. We only get to play one of our songs and we're up against a lot of classical pianists, dance groups, and singers. My band plays pop punk, so we know we might not be the best SOUNDING, so our goal is be the most entertaining, and hopefully that'll be enough to get us through to the finals. Any suggestions?

link to my band:
Sincerely Me
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Do you have a link to your music?

The most important thing of all human interaction, is eye contact. Let the people know that you are focusing on them. People want attention, and if you give the audience/judges attention then they will give it back to you.

Even if you can't see anyone because of lighting of whatever, just pretend that you can.
actually play good music.

but seriously, it depends on what kind of "local" you're talking about. if you live out in the boondocks then you're ****ed. you'll have to deal with a bunch of old religious farts who hate any kind of music that was made post 19th century and even if you're the best group there you'll still lose. if you're in an urban area you'll stand a better chance. just go up, have fun and don't screw up. if you do, then make it look like you meant to. tell them you were improvising.

eDit: ^what he said.
make sure you drop a duce before you get there... nothin worse then an audition when you gotta squeeze the cheeks the whole time lol
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It wouldnt hurt to have a good singer (no offense or anything, but I can't hear him) because thats what most people hear first and pay attention to unless they have some musical background. Other than that, be sure to play a good show, people enjoy a good show, even if the band is utter crap.
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