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I've been assigned the task of writing a short research paper on an entrepreneur. I want to take the creative route and pick a musician rather than a traditional business owner. I was thinking of using James Hetfield as my choice as a famous entrepreneur. I'm not 100% sure that I want to use him yet.

Can you guys provide me with some musicians who are also excellent band leaders/managers/businessmen?
Woah, I'm doing this too for my Business class. Mine has to be at least 3 pages.

I chose to do Stephen Hawking.


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Lady Gaga.

The bitch is extremely talented but decides to market herself and her music to a mainstream consumer culture. And does it really ****ing well.

*Note* This is not a flame. Say what you will about selling out, but she is the definition of selling her talents for huge profit.
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well i'm a huge beatles fan and when i heard music entrepeneur I thought of Brian Epstein, their manager in the early days. He wasn't a musician but I think he was a pretty darn good businessman and manager for them. I love the idea that he used his family's record store company to buy up thousands of the beatles' first singles records to momentarily put them near the top of the national music charts to get them more well-known.
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