Oh ****!, holy shit man, Years and Years. A great song, very hard rock. It's got attitude, are you the singer? If so you have a great voice. Great ass tone! When first heard the intro drums I was a bit like "what is this??" but then the guitars kicked in and I was blown away! Great song man!!!

Now for "you think". Shit, great intro with the bass and the guitar that comes after. I can tell you're a great songwriter. This song makes me think of a happier/poppier version of Marylin Manson haha if that's cool with you . Really great melodies starting around the 1 38 mark or so. It's very cool man, exotic in a sense. I really like the soloing. Just one thing, I think the drums get a bit repetitive but that's just my opinion and everyone's entitled to their own, so opinions will vary. Overall great track!!

Thanks for critique man, I took your advice and double tracked the stuff. I'll put it up soon and you can check it out if you want!
Years and Years: Wow, nice dude I like it. I agree, it's very hard rock. The singing is good but maybe a bit too vibrato-y like the other guy said, but if that's the style you're going for it's okay - it still sounded pretty good. The solo was pretty good, it fit the song well - nice playing, good tone.

You Think: I like this one too. Good riffage, kinda reminds me of a surf rock tune in the beginning, lols, but heavier obviously. Good vox once again, they work well with the heavy style. I like when the hi-hat starts getting more active around like 2:00, it's grooving. Haha I like the Secret Agent Man lick at 2:30 (if that was intentional that's pretty awesome).

Good songs man. My pieces of advice are to try to find a real drummer, the programmed drums were alright (I use them too) but nothing beats a real drummer. Also your rhythm guitar tone seemed a bit trebly and not as warm as it could be in Years and Years. I think Years and Years could also be expanded, it seemed a bit short. And the second song there was a bit too much instrumental stuff for my liking but if that's what you want then that's cool.

Good tunes though, I especially like the second one, I dunno if it was intentional but the heavy Surf Rock/Secret Agent Man feel was pretty cool. Nice work!

Mind checking out mine? Thanks!
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the first song is very Rock n Effin' Roll, so absolutely no compliants about that song

second song... which i'm listening to while i write this, The intro riff sounds a bit too "high school" to me but thats just a matter of opinion ofcourse. the first solo should be focused on hitting the notes, try not to bend or dive them unless you know you can hit the note. the second solo doesn't seem very imaginative, kinda... bland... you should have taken a risk and gone balls out and made it very melodic.

the song all in all is good, now if i had to choose which one i would listen to as a title track i would probably stick with the first one, it doesn't have a solo which makes me a bit sad but that has alot of power to stand on its own.

other than that lets hear what you have to say about some of my stuff


check my profile and review my song Mary Shelly Should Get A Life and leave the comment on that
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Thank you very much for all of your comments & compliments! I appreciate it! Yes, I am the singer, and I did everything else too. In several months I'll go public with some tunes that uses toontrack Superior Drummer 2, so the drums should sound more realistic then.

Thanks for listening & commenting!

Thank you very much for all of your comments! I accidently stumbled on to the Secret Agent Man riff while working out the lead guitar. Normally, I don't like borrowing other people's riffs, but I liked the way it sounded, so I stuck with it.

Thanks for checking out my tunes! Thank you for the replies!
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Years and Years - Whoeevr the singer is they have a very good voice. My only concern is that the vocals rely too much on vibrato. This takes away from the guys very unique and talented voice.
Guitar-wise they were mindblowing although it complemented the vocals perfectly. The solo in there was a very nice touch too. Maybe improve on the tone a tad? I'm nitpicking here so forgive me!
Obviously a real drummer isn't going to sound as good as prgrammed drums although I still feel you can get a much better sound considering the wide range there is to offer softeware-wise these days.

All and all it's a great song!

You - think - Loved the intro, it got me geared up for a great song that was in store. I preferred the vocals much more in this song. I can't stress enough how unique the guiys voice is. I love it Once again the drums are a bit of a let down although I'm sure you've heard that enough now!
The driving bass line is one of my favourite parts of the song. It's tone is surprisingly very good. The guitar complements this very well. I think this is probably my favourite song.

Keep up the great work man

Crit mines when you get the chance!

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Great stuff man! Years and years was solid start to finish, and I liked "You Think" even better! The only problem I had with either song was I wish the guitar tone on You Think was a little less distorted/fuzzy. It kinda stuck out, but that could be just to my ears. Overall, great work and keep it up!
Years and years is really awesome!! I didn't get to listen to the other one, it didn't work for me :/ but either way, years and years was rad! The solo was really cool and the whole song had a sweet feel to it. Great job man! It's was hard rocking and i loved the vocals near the end. the whole time, but especially near the end.

Crit my song please? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1320118
Thanks for listening! I left some comments on your profile.

Thank you for all of your comments! I really appreciate it!! I am the singer in both songs.

Thank you for the kind words!

Thank you for all of the positive comments!!
First song is great. I kinda wish you did something different at the last chorus, to make it a little more "epic". maybe different drumming or a little bit of lead in the back.

you think~~ awesome fkin intro. i like the blues feel to it lol. i dont like the delay with the voice... but maybe thats just me....

if anything have it come on at some parts, but not throughout.

more delay on the first solo guitar would be awesome.... itll give it a more middle eastern sound.

lol@ the james bond sounding part.

very original and catchy.



oh and if you need real drums~~ let me know. im getting wrist surgery tomorrow but will be able to do it in 3 weeks or so.

Years and years:
****ing awesome vocals! I wish I had a voice like that. The guitar is very middy, you probably wanted it that way, but it's not really my thing. The whole mix doesn't quit stick "together", if you know what I mean, you can hear all the instruments, which is good, but it's not rally a unity... maybe a little compression over everything?

You think:
The drums sound very artificial. I like the guitar tone a lot more in this one, the bass tone is also sweet, low yet clear. Maybe a left/right panned second track of the guitar could help make the mix fuller. The vox have too much FX for my taste, especially for a strong & good voice. Also the parts without vox are too long for my taste.

Nice songs, I enjoyed that. If the first song had the guitar tone of the second, I'd put it on my Sony Walkman :-D

c4c? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1320881
Years and Years: you got a sweet sound goin, kinda franz ferdinand-ish. good use of effects and great soloing work. good song, really keeps the listeners listening.

You Think: sweet intro. maybe tweek the guitar tone a bit seems iffy. great drum track, really makes the song move. the guitars seem kind of quite, you might want to bring them up a bit in the mix.

great stuff dude, keep up the awesomeness and KY pride
First off, great stuff

On Years and Years, the actual guitar riffs and progressions, even the solo, sound like Soundgarden before they went into their more artsy territory. They're one of my favorite bands though, that is a big compliment. I ,too, loved the vocals, the vibrato sounded very well placed for me, I didn't think it was over done at all. It did end sooner than wanted, but I'm pretty sure no matter how long it lasted people wouldn't want it to end, it's a very good song.

On You Think, some of those notes you hit are gorgeous, the reverb effect made me think of a few Ozzy songs from the RR days. The riffs are pretty awesome throughout, heavy, but not ridiculously heavy. Your use of effects with your guitar is seamless, I can never do the pedal thing right, lol. The bass is pretty dominant in this one, is it real? I dig the sound of it, most bassist are goin' either for the really low sound or the muddy/distorted sound these days, good to hear a real bass goin'. Albeit not as catchy as the other, the riffs are guitar work on this one I like better, it's just sweet to listen to all the nuances of the guitar with the extended sections. Anyway, I'm probably rambling by now, the only thing I can criticize are the drums, and they aren't HORRIBLE, they flow very well in the mix, but they could use some more processing, but I saw you got SD, so you'll be fine. Other than that, this stuff is just solid throughout. I don't see much fault that wouldn't be automatically corrected if you'd went into Terry Date or Rick Rubins studo, so great work man. I'll be stalkin' your stuff on soundclick from now on, lol.
Thanks for checking out my song.

Years and Years sounds awesome, real good tone on the guitars and the vocals suit it really well. The solo is sick as well. Kinda short, look into expanding it some more and it'll be even better!

Love the bass & drums intro on You Think, then the heavy guitar riff comes in which sounds great. Again, the vocals go really well the instrumentation - nice good old hard rock. Can't say I enjoyed it as much as I did Years and Years, but still a cool song.
Thank you for listening & for all of your comments! I have very limited experience in recording real drums & I'm not good at it. I think you're a good drummer though! Thanks for the offer! I have owned Superior Drummer 2 for awhile & hope this will sound more realistic on songs I will post in a few months.

Thank you very much for all of your replies! I appreciate it!

Thank you for all of the compliments & commentary!

Sami Philadelph,
I tried to find you on wikipedia, & couldn't find you! Thank you very much for the kind words! The electric bass in both songs is real (but not the electric trout).
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