so i am trying to learn chord progression and i dont think im wrapping my head around it. Say i am playing a simple strumming song of F G AM C and i wanted to play a lead over it, How would i go about this?
I know i have to put this into a chord progression then this will lead me to what mode to play but im getting lost along the way.
Any help would be nice thanks.
play a lead as in a melody over it while the chords are playing? Just start on an F note somewhere on the fretboard and play some sort of scale pattern over the chords. Or if you want to be more complex try playing the F major scale over it.
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find the scale that all the chords can be derived from, in this case C major or i suppose F lydian. or u can play non-diatonically and pick a different scale for each chord
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Start with the notes in each chord and build from there. i.e. during the F chord, play either an F, an A, or a C, during G, play G, B, or D, during Am, play A, C, or E, and during C, play C, E, or G, and use your ear to add more notes.
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