I dreamt about you
shifting hips to inches
locking gravity beneath your feet
against my feet
turn my head and smile
turn your head and smile,
wrap our heads around eachother
for just a little while
encircled by sheet covered recliners
from decades where men could bite the buttons from their shirts
just to prove they'd hold it in their teeth.
just to know they could.
I know I could
I know I could inch our distance closer,
But instead I drift from orbit
just to stargaze from a distance.
You said you liked 'Max' as a girls name.
I agreed without deciding I agreed
just so you would smile and laugh at me
i like this, it's not too straighforward yet not too pretentious, not mind blowing or anything but being a song writer myself im guessing this was thought up after the music itself..

it's like you're using lots of sarcasm/irony in the lyrics to define a life lesson, involving a girl maybe? reminds me of post-hardcore lyrics (taking back sunday, chiodos, etc.)
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