I was just wondering if this model came with like a stoptail bridge instead of a trem. It's cause I switch from standard to drop D in many cases and want tuning stability.

If not, then is tuning down and then back up going to be really troublesome? Since I'm pretty sure it's a floating trem and all.

Btw, this will probably be the 25th anniversary model since the production of the se custom 24's have apparently been put on hold?
The 24's don't come with a stoptail model. You can always block the trem off if your not planning to use it so you can get the tuning stability you need for switching. I personally use a tremol-no in these cases and I'm planning to pick a new one up for my SCT when I get the chance. They work great for quick tuning changes and you can still use the trem when you want.
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