So okay I come from a somewhat disfunctional family that screamed alot when I was a kid, as a result certain tones automatically piss me off or put me into defense mode. Lately I've noticed that certain harmonic tones while I'm playing the guitar do the sameshit! Does anyone find that strange, or does it seem illogical?
Its logical, if your parents or whoever screamed the most when you were a child used a similar tone the entire time, the you will psychologically link that tone to how you felt i guess.
I want todo a study on people like insert a certain tone in a TV show or something that induces a certain feeling then hide the same tone in a different show or music and see if it induces the same feeling even if in the background. I dunno why I just find that kind of shit interesting.
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lol exactly but something that produces an emotion instead of a physical reaction if you could induce a physical reaction I would barf everytime I heard rap music
It's possible that your mind brings feelings from sounds.
Music is sound, and as you know it can bring lots of feelings to you.
On playing the Paul Gilbert signature at the guitar store extensively, my missus sighed:
"Put it down now, It's like you love that guitar more than me!"
In Which I replied.
"Well it has got two F-Holes!"
Oh my ****ing god... I get that too... I also get some notes which really calm me down
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