i have an early 70's gibson les paul custom 'fretless wonder' guitar. is it ok to keep playing everyday like practicing on it? or should i let it sit in its case and stay in good condition? its so hard to bend strings and vibrato cause the frets are so low. i dont wanna mess anything up on it...
Some '70s Gibsons were okay and are starting to be worth a little bit (still barely more than a plain new Standard though), other '70s Gibsons (mostly the later ones) are known for being a bit bad and still aren't worth much. It will be a long time before any '70s Gibson is really worth keeping clean as an investment. Personally, I'd play the hell out of it.

Also, lower frets shouldn't make string bending that hard. If anything it should be easier to do quick bends and short vibrato because your fingers are meeting less resistance, you should be able to glide your fingers over the fretboard easily, barely noticing the fretwire. The whole low/high frets and low/high action thing is really just a load of bollocks, countless professionals have used low frets and high action for decades with a problem. It's just a question of getting used to it, and usually once you are used to it your playing will actually be cleaner and more precise.
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yes, play it lots and stick some pictures up
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