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Im just wondering how peoples gear has evolved during there playing and why people decided to upgrade/change there old gear and if anyone has any regrets on what they sold.

Basically i started off with a £30 electric and £10 amp that i got from Cash Converters with my first paycheck from work and it nearly put me off playing it was that bad but did teach me more about the inner working of a guitar then any others as i had no intention of playing it i stipped it, painted it and rewired it. then sold it to a friend for £50 and i gave the crap amp away.
a few months later i still wanted to play so i picked up a 'Vintage' brand Black Les Paul copy and a Marshall MG30DFX (yeah i know ) and electric guitar coach pc software and loved it.
from this i sold the MG and got an Ashdown Fallen Angel 40w Tube combo which was better then the Marshall but still OK (at the time it was amasing).
at this point i picked up an epiphone LP Gothic purely for looks then i went on traded in the Vintage for a Maverick F-3 in trans black.
the Maverick was constantly compared to Ibanez Guitars so i went out to try a few and ended up with a prestige RG2550EX at the same time i traded in my Ashdown for an ENGL Screamer.
My gear stayed the same for a while after that until i moved out and i wanted a bigger amp so i sold the Epi and Maverick on Ebay and traded in the Screamer towards an ENGL Powerball and Peavey 5150 cab. next i upgraded the ibanez with a chrome scratch plate and installed a set of ZW EMG's.
next came the order of my custom Shamray which i funded after being involved in a bad car crash that wasnt my fault. once this arrived i had no need for the ibanez and this also went the Ebay route and i had my ideal setup.
Until the misses got pregnent so i had to sell the powerball and went down to a Flextone II which then went to a Vox AD30VT when i needed some cash and finally i now have a Vypyr 30.

So basically:
Amps:Cheap 10w starter->Marshall MG30DFX->Ashdown Fallen Angel 40->ENGL Screamer->ENGL Powerball + Peavey 5150 Cab->Flextone II->Vox AD30VT->Peavey Vypyr30


Cheap crap->Vintage LP->Epi Goth LP->Maverick F3->Ibanez RG2550EX->Shamray CS1985.

Total Price: Guitars = £3150ish Amps = £3000ish (excluding trade ins)

My regrets and what id love to re-aquire would be the Vintage LP, Maverick F3 and The Powerball, the Ibanez was nice but i prefered the Maverick it always seemed to perform slightly better then the Ibanez.

ive also had a few pedals but nothing thats ever took my fancy so i no longer have any.

so then whats your history like (dont have to go into as much detail as myself obviously but im waiting for my wife to go out with my daughter so i can go play in peace)
Proud owner of Paul Allander PRS styled - Shamray CS-1985
CS-1985 Pics
Jackson RR24 White with black bevels
You seriousl want me to list my gear history? This would take me forever! Do you get bothered by the wife and daughter a lot when you're playing? I'm blessed that I have someone who shares the same passion as I glad my husband is a drummer
i dont get bothered, its just shes taking her to a toddler group so it gives me more freedom in volume and i know im not going to have a 2 yr old walk in and try to join in.

edit: and yeah get typing your history out you could always just put they key parts in
Proud owner of Paul Allander PRS styled - Shamray CS-1985
CS-1985 Pics
Jackson RR24 White with black bevels
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Pretty simple.

Ibanez Gio -> Epiphone SG Special -> Ibanez RG350DX -> back to SG -> LTD H-100

Ibanez 10w practice -> Roland Cube 30x.

I got rid of the Ibanez RG because the Edge III gave me nothing but problems from the get-go. F**k you, Daddy's Junky Music. F**k you.

I still have the 10 watt, and also a really old Peavey Decade.

My first pedal was a Digitech RP250, I hated it.. Sold it. My only pedal now is a Boss DS-1 which does not get used. The Roland's distortion is better..

I sorta regret selling my original Ibanez Gio, because I got 40 bucks for it (I was stupid.. Sold it to Daddys. F**k you.) I could have messed around with that guitar, used it as a building block to learn about wiring and such. But I didn't think of that until way later.

I don't regret getting rid of my rg at all.

Pretty simple history for me.
1st Year: $20 (shitty) First Act Acoustic Guitar.

2nd Year: Epiphone SG Special, and a Crate 15w amp, DS-1 Distortion Pedal, Death Metal Distortion Pedal.

3rd Year: Year: Gibson SG Special Faded, Line 6 75w Combo Amp, FBV Line 6 Shortboard (sold the crate amp). Then i got a Korg Multi-Effects Pedal.

4th Year: Same Gear.

5th Year: Got a Marshall MG100HDFX Amp for Christmas. Sold the Line 6 and pedalboard, Got a Boss V-wah Pedal, MXR EQ Pedal, SXB Pedalboard. I also customized my Gibson SG and made it my own. I gave it new machineheads, new knobs, a new pickguard, a bigsby, a new Burstbucker pickup for the bridge position, and a cover for the neck pickup to match, and finall a new truss rod cover i got off ebay (haha). All of these are in chrome.

6th Year: Who Knows?
Main Rig:

1. Customized "Silver Bullet" Gibson SG
2. Marshall MG Halfstack
3. SXB Pedalboard
4. MXR EQ Pedal
5. Boss V-Wah Pedal

Music Is You.
Music Is Me.
Music Is All Around Us.
Music Allows Us To Be Free.
1. Strat copy
2. Epiphone SG G-400
3. Gibson SG

1. "Suzuki" knock-off amp (bad)
2. Line 6 Spider III (bad)
3. Peavey Vypyr 15 (traded the Spider for it)
4. MG half stack (I made the huge mistake of buying it at one point. Luckily, I sold it.)
5. Marshall JCM 900 (broken right now, I didn't like it that much anyway.)
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Won't go through all the guitars I've had, would take too long.

So it all started about 13 years ago when I got:
Fender Bullet

I was playing a lot back then, so I quickly got:
Marshall JCM 900 Head
Marshall JCM 800 Head
Peavey 5150 2x12

Then got into other stuff, gradually played less and less, sold everything and was left with:
Same old Fender Bullet
Line 6 Spider II
Haha, laugh all you want, but at least I know first hand how much this amp sucks.
I don't know if it was me not being interested in playing that much that made me get an amp so bad, or the terrible tone that didn't motivate me playing. I wasn't so much into good tone as I am now, but having owned good tube amps before I knew something was wrong

Then got back into playing, sold the 2 crappy amps and got some:
Blackheart Little Giant
Marshall JMP-1
ADA & Rocktron preamps
Mesa Power Amp

Then started playing more and buying gear like a crazy mofo, have owned:

And still buying...

Cheap strat copy -> Cort X6 (Still got, needs frets stoned and a good setup.) -> LTD EX400 + Ibanez RG550 + LTD EC50 (Got it for £80, fantastic guitar for the price)


Marshall MG15 -> Randall RX75 -> Laney GH100L + Digidesign 11 Rack


Ibanez WD7 + EHX Nano Clone

Had a Fulltone GT-500, but I sold it.

Unsure what my next purchase will be. Currently GAS'ing for:

LTD FX-360 (either Spalted maple or the Paduak one), LTD Nergal signature, Randall ISO Cab etc etc etc.
70's twin reverb
80's, late 80's Marshall MG thing, 10 watts.
Crate G40C
Crate G130C
Tom Sholz Rockman X100. Thank you god for bringing that into my life.
Dean Markley DMC80 amp. yea, an acoustic amp.
Peavy Delta Blues
Vox Da5
Fender Blues Jr
Fender '63 Vibroverb RI
Ampeg Jet 20 (x2)
Soldano Atomic 16
Crate VC2010
Ampeg J-12t
Blackstar HT5h
Marshall Studio 15
Matamp Little Rock
Fender Bassman 10, 1972?
Marshall Lead 50 head
Egnater Tweaker

currently using the tweaker but i just cut a deal for a minty....
5e3 clone.

so it's the tweaker, and 5e3 clone by mojotone, presently.
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Guitars - Squier Strat, now a Brian May guitar

Amp - Line 6 Spider III 15w.

Yeah, I got a beast rig. You're all jealous. *cries to self in corner*
Ibanez GIO >>>> Peavey Predator >>>> Ibanez RGR421EXFM

Ibanez starter 10w >>>> Peavey RAGE 158 >>>> Marshall MG10CD >>>> Peavey 5150 212 Combo

BOSS ML-2 >>>> BOSS MT-2 >>>> None
Ibanez RGR421EXFM >> Maxon OD808 >> BOSS NS-2 >> Peavey 5150 212
I still have almost every piece of gear I acquired since I started playing in the mid 90's... except:

One old DOD chorus pedal. (Went out on loan and never came back.)

An old Marlboro Soundworks combo amp (I miss that thing.)

And an old Roland Phase 5. (Now that is one I wish I had back.)
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Playing for 2.5 years. i havnt had a much as you all :S

Starter kit guitar
Epi Les Paul
Ibanez RGA
Ibanez J custom
Ibanez RG550

Fender practise
Bugera 333xl

Ibanez J custom 8420ZE
Ibanez RGA42
Ibanez RG550
RG3120 Prestige

Framus cobra
1st guitar: Yamaha Acoustic. Forgot the model name, but it had nice inlays and a tailpiece that allowed you to adjust the intonation of individual strings. I gave it to my older brother to learn on years ago, but I've been trying to get it back to no avail.

2nd guitar 1st amp: Silvertone Strat/amp combo. Meh. Though I thought it was the greatest thing in the world. The amp didn't have any OD/Dist on it and had tweed tolex. Wasn't too shabby. I sold both to get my Crate MX120R combo.

3rd guitar: LTD M-255. Still got it. Still plays great.

2nd amp: Crate MX120R. Good first gig-size amp. Drug that thing everywhere and it sounded pretty decent. Sold it for $200 to my buddy/room-mate. Still gets some use from him and it still sounds pretty good.

4th guitar: Washburn Dime-Bolt 333. Bought it off eBay for $400. Sounded and played great, but it was huge and the case was bigger. Usually left at home because it wouldn't fit in my guitar with the case. Traded it for my 5150 combo the summer before Dime got shot. If only I'd have kept it a little longer........

3rd amp: 5150 combo. Still got it.

5th guitar: Jackson KE3. A friend owed me money, so I kept this while he payed me back. Had it for over a year . Anyway, it was a great sounding guitar, but it was neck heavy as all hell. I would've modded the strap-button location to balance it better, but it wasn't really mine to do so.

6th guitar: Kramer Vanguard. Still got it

7th guitar: Douglas tele. still got it.

Hopefully many more......
5150 combo
GSP1101 + Tech 21 PE60

ESP LTD M-255 w/ SD Full Shred
Kramer Vanguard w/ JE-1000 active preamp
Douglas WF-150sn w/ GFS "Hot Lead" set

Bos SD-1 (boost)

My Youtube Vids
2007ish - "Acquired" my brother's Squier Strat, messed around with it a little

Christmas 2008 - Got a Spider III (blame my brother for that), started looking up tabs on here. Also put strings on my brother's Jasmine by Takamine acoustic, but I never touched that. Also found my brother's DOD Classic Fuzz pedal, which I'd hook up to the Aux In on the Spider since I only had one instrument cable

February 2009 - Bought an Ibanez GSR200, Digitech BP80, and Acoustic B10, started taking an interest in bass

March 2009: Got a Digitech Grunge, mostly for my bass

May (I think) 2009 - Got a Vox VT15

September or so 2009 - Got a Fender Super Champ XD. I kept the Vox at my house for a little bit, but then let my friend borrow it indefinitely since he doesn't have the money for a good amp

Christmas 2009 - Got an Acoustic B200h and B115 because of how quickly it became apparent to my dad that I'd need something more than 10 watts

January 2010 - Got an Ibanez ART100 with Christmas money

February 2010 - Got an EHX Bass Big Muff for my birthday

I'm pretty sure I listed everything.
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started out with a peavey rage 158 and squier strat, then got a boss metal zone :rollseyes: then got a behringer vamp-2, then sold all of that shit. then got a job, and bought a les paul vixen, and line 6 spider III. Then bought a peavey vtm, which i had to sell a month after owning :/, then got a bugera 6262 head, and built a marshall 1960A, and then bought a peavey vortex, then boss ns-2.

Member of The 7 String Legion

Peavey Triple X Head
Mahieu 4x12 Cab (celestion g12t-75)
Gibson Vixen
Schecter C-1 Classic
Various Pedals, and Guitars.
oh well

ibanez 10g amp -> laney linebacker65, traynor ycv40wr, fender twin, getting an orange ad30 soon (i still have these amps)

yamaha pacifica 012 guitar -> now, i also have a gibson SG, fender jaguar, ibanez RGT42fx and les paul custom from 1978

pedals: nothing to a pod xt live to a huge pedalboard (still have the pod)

also got a wireless system, a few keyboards, an electronic drumkit, a crate flexwave half-stack, some microphones

i'm not jealous of anyone anymore

Godin Detour -> Detour + Dean VMNT -> Detour + Fender American Special Strat -> Detour + Strat + Agile AL-3100 w/EMGs


Cube 15X -> Cube + Krank Rev Jr. -> Cube + Rev + Splawn Quickrod


Pod X3 and Maxxon OD808 are the only ones worth mentioning.

Plan on selling off my Quickrod, (maybe) Agile, and a pedal or two to fund some other gear and downsize my rig.
Ibanez GAX06 LTD --> Ibanez SZ 320ex and MIJ Fender Strat
Roland Cube 15 --> Peavey Classic 50

Pedals I owned (* is which ones I still own)
1. Ibanez SM-7
2. Electro-Harmonix Big Muff Pi USA*
3. Fulltone Full-Drive 2
4. MI Audio Crunchbox
5. MI Audio Blues Pro
6. Barber Small Fry
7. Made By Mike Saltbooster
8. Boss BD-2
9. Nick Greer Ghetto Stomp*
10. MJM London Fuzz*
1. Behringer Tremolo
2. Ibanez PT-9
3. Electro-Harmonix Small Stone
4. MXR Phase 90
5. Electro-Harmonix Small Clone
6. Ibanez FL-9
7. Fulltone Mini Deja ‘Vibe*
1. Boss DD-7
2. T-rex Replica
3. Electro-Harmonix Deluxe Memory Man*
1. Dunlop Crybaby GCB-95*
2. Planet Waves CT-04
3. Korg DT-10
4. Alesis Microverb 4 (rack)*
5. Korg DTR-2 (rack)*
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Strat copy -> Epi G-400


Crappy 15 watt practice amp -> Peavey Envoy 110 -> Ashdown FA60 full stack + '74 Fender Bassman 50 halfstack


Ibanez TS-9
Ibanez WD-7
Boss NS-2
I could be sitting here for hours writing this because i've been playing guitar for about 14-15 years... i seem to remember my mum buying herself a classical guitar to learn some fingerpicking blues on around 1994 and then i ended up wanting to play it a little later, so i guess you could call that guitar, which i distinctly remember costing £38, my first guitar.

i didn't get into electric guitar until '97/'98 when my cousin gave me an old ovation celebrity superstrat (actually turned out to be quite a nice guitar!) and a little marlin amp which i had no idea how to use, it had this footswitchable overdrive controlled by a knob on front of the amp, as well as the gain and volume controls (single channel), i just used to make the amp sound clean with the treble on 10 and the middle and bass on 0, and leave this overdrive setting on all the time cranked to 10 which gave a horrible nasal overtone.. but you can forgive me, i my age was only one digit

i got my first guitar that a bought myself when i was 15, when i decided playing guitar was really what i wanted to do.. started growing my hair and giving up on school and rules and authority - it was an epiphone G-400. then once i got to college i got silly with buying gear so there's too much to list - because our broken labour government decided to give all "under-privileged" college students £30 per week most people bought drugs with it - i bought gear

got my first half decent amp at age 17 in my first year at college, bought a vox AD50VT for £140 off the electronics lecturer

I started building my permanent rig around february 2008 when i got my laney VC30 and started buying pedals and the focus on buying guitars died out a little bit

I've had to cut a lot of this down because i'm a gear *****, trouble is i never sell gear. My rig is nearly as complete as it's gonna get, i'll have to stop buying soon because i'm going to university in september.
I like analogue Solid State amps that make no effort to be "tube-like", and I'm proud of it...

...A little too proud, to be honest.
1st guitar:1986 westone dimension iv that i turned into a rhoads V
2nd guitar: 80's b.c. rich warlock in red sparkle finish
3rd guitar: 80's b.c. rich warlock in black
4th guitar: 1973 gibson sg in brown
5th guitar: heritage lespaul copy(owned it for 2 weeks)
6th guitar:1976 Ibanez LesPaul custom copy in white
7th guitar: fender squire strat in black
8th guitar: fender telecaster mim, black
9th guitar: Jackson ke-2, black
10th guitar: Epiphone Les Paul studio, sunburst MIK w/ emg 81/85 and sperzels(still own it)
11th guitar: Ibanez RG770QS, red
12th guitar: Epiphone g400 black MIK
13th guitar: Epiphone Les Paul custom,MIK white w/ emg 81/85
14th guitar: Epiphone Les Paul standard, black w/ emg 81 and gibson neck pickup hybrid
15th guitar: Epiphone g400 deluxe, MIK
16th guitar: 2001 Schecter C-1 PLUS, trans-black flame top w/ emg 81/60+ pa2 and sperzels(still my number 1)
17th Guitar: Esp Ltd KH-603 Kirk Hammett sig(still own it)
18th guitar: custom made strat copy, white w/ black pickguard, duncan jb and duncan hot rails

1st amp: ross systems rg65 i think, tube blaster series
2nd amp: 70's pignose(leave it at my dad's house for when i visit)
3rd amp: crate gfx 212
4th amp: 80's marshall jcm800 2203 head and jcm800 cab(sold the head , friend of mine still has the cab)
5th amp: Roland gc408
6th amp :danelectro dirty thirty
6th amp: Carvin MTS 3200 anniverary edition and randall xl cab

effects: i dont have time to go through the hundreds of pedals ive owned sorry
but current pedalboard:
dunlop kh-95 kirk hammett crybaby wah
ibanez ts-9
boss ce-2 mij(1983)
coffin blood drive
tonebone hot british tube distortion
mxr kfk 10 band eq
boss ns-2
korg pitchblack +
Member of the Schecter Hellraisers
Esp Ltd KH-603, Schecter c-1+ and Epiphone Les Pauls
Carvin amps, Sperzel Trim-Lok, Emg active pickups only, Tonepros bridges.
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first guitar was an £80 classical guitar i got when i was 7, eventually got a Tenson Strat copy when i was 13 with a 15watt crappy practice amp. a year later i had another classical guitar cos the old one was pretty nackered, then i got a 1970s Gibson Les Paul on ebay for about £500 which i think is pretty damn good didn't sound good tho cos i still had this shitty little amp.

christmas that year (2006??) i got an MG30 which was a bit of a step in the right direction. Summer 2007 i got an Ltd H-1000 with Seymour Duncans (JB and 59n).

Summer 2008 as a reward for epic GCSE results i then got my Ibanez RG1570.

I didn't get a new piece of gear until November 2009 when i finally got my Mesa Dual Rectifier with a Marshall 2x12.

Long Story short:

Guitars: Strat Copy > Les Paul > Les Paul + Ltd > Les Paul + Ltd + Ibanez

Amps: 15 watt crap machine > MG30 > Mesa

Never really used pedals, but somewhere along the line i got a Dunlop Cry Baby and in January i got a Nova Delay
Tom Anderson Guitarworks

Mayones Guitars

Suhr Guitars

Mesa Boogie

Friedman Amplification

Fractal Audio Systems

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Squire 15
Cube 15
Tom Scholz Rockman Soloist
Fender Princeton Chorus
Laney AOR
Fender Blues Jr. Tweed
Vox AC15
Scholz Rockman Distortion Generator
Marshall JCM900

Greg!!! PULL THAT X100 out and play me "t3h r1ffZ
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jesus christ, this is impossible. i barely even know what gear i have now


THE ARCHITECT σƒ τλε τρπ βπστλεπλσσδ


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Greg!!! PULL THAT X100 out and play me "t3h r1ffZ


pull my finger.
I wondered why the frisbee was getting bigger, then it hit me.

Yamaha C40->Fender MIM Strat->Gibson '61 Reissue SG->Gibson Les Paul Standard


Fender FM15R and Marshall MG15DFX->Fender DeVille->Fender Blues Jr.

Pedals (can't remember the order so in a list):

MXR Wylde OD
Dunlop GCB-95
Boss DS-1
Tube Works Tube Driver
Hermida Zendrive
Hermida Zendrive 2
Hermida Mosferatu
Danelectro CTO-1
Digitech Bad Monkey
Electro-Harmonix English Muff'n
Electro-Harmonix Big Muff
Catalinbread WIIO V1
Vintage Ibanez TS808
Ibanez TS808 RI
Fulltone FD-2
Boss DD-3
Boss CE-2
Diamond Fireburst
Fulltone Clyde Deluxe
Teese RMC3
Way Huge Aqua Puss
SHO Clone
Rangemaster Clone
Analogman Bi-CompROSSor
Analogman Sun Face BC108
Fulltone OCD

I think that's it. I might have owned a few more pedals but that's what I can remember right now.
Rhodes Gemini
Fryette Ultra Lead
Peavey 6505
THD Flexi 50

Gibson R0 Prototype
EBMM JP13 Rosewood
Fender CS Mary Kaye


(512) Audio Engineering - Custom Pedal Builds, Mods and Repairs
Well first I got a jackson JS-1 about... I'd say.... 6-7 years ago.
Then it took me a few months later to finally get my first amp which was a Rocktron R-10
Then a lot later, Christmas 2009 I got a Roland Microcube
Then a few months later from that I bought my friends B.C. Rich Warlock NJ Series

Now I might get a Peavey Vypyr 30 Watt because I'm getting in a band, I'm broke, and this is the best thing I could probably get for a small gig (I might get a cabinet off ebay to plug it into)
1972 - Vox Constellation IV Bass

38 years of purchases, sales and destructions.

2010 - A whole bunch of Basses, Guitars, Amps and a Vox Constellation IV Bass
My history of attempts to learn guitar is probably more interesting than my gear purchases. It started around 1975 when I got an Epiphone Texan (not a valuable vintage) from a friend who bought a Sportster seat from me and never would pay for it. He finally just gave me the guitar. I never could play it. Now I know something about guitars I realized that the action was so bad you needed fingers on steroids to fret the dang thang (still have it).

Fast forward to the late 70's and I picked up a no name Les Paul. Plunked around on it and never learned anything. I could never figure out why it wouldn't sustain like songs on the records. I didn't know anything about pedals. To bad I didn't take a lesson. Once again gave up and sold the guitar.

In the mid 80's I bought a guitar and amp in a pawn shop for $60. Once again failed to learn anything but kept the gear in the closet.

In the late 90's (or whenever it was the GuitarPort came out) I bought the GuitarPort and pulled the pawn shop guitar out of the closet. Finally found out where all those cool tones and sustain came from, but still failed to learn to play anything significant. Back to the closet.

In 2005 I decided to give it another go. This time with all the help on the internet I was able to make a go of it. It wasn't till now that I found out every song book I bought in the 70's was in the wrong key! Pulled out the pawn shop guitar, looked it up and found out it was an American made G&L S-500 worth much more than $60. Couldn't say the same about the amp, a Gorilla GC25. So finally at the age of 50 I was learning to play guitar.
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So finally at the age of 50 I was learning to play guitar.

Thanks! Made my day!

Ditto for me only that I am in my 40's...

Squire strat > Jackson RX10D > Washburn Dime 333 > Ibanez RG 570 > Gibson Les Paul Classic > Sell Ibanez RG 570 (god it was awful) > Sell Washburn Dime 333 > Jackson USA SL2H > sell Jackson RX10D > EB Music Man Axis SS > Sell Gibson LP Classic (good guitar, great sound, but quite uncomfy) > ESP Eclipse II > ESP Horizon NT > ESP the Junior

Amps & cabs
Peavey Bandit > Peavey 6505 + Marshall 1960A > Sell 1960A > Marshall 1960 AV > Orange Rockerverb 100 + PPC 412 > sell greenbacks for V30's in the Marshall > Diezel VH4 > sell 6505 > Another Orange PPC 412
Washburn USA Custom Shop
God help us when Matrix Claw and no.mop come in here.

As for me...


Crappy Maestro SG
Samick Torino TR-1 (SG)
Jackson KVX10 Flying V

ESP LTD EC-1000 (Currently in use)


Crappy starter pack amp
Crate Flexwave

Roland Cube 15x (Currently in use for home practice)
HEAVILY modded Peavey Valveking 112 + Avatar 2x12 with V30s (Currently used for band practice)

Pedals (All being used)

Ibanez TS9
MXR-108 10-Band EQ

Misc. (All in use)

Monster Cables
Live Wire Cables
Shure SM57
M-Audio Fasttrack
Dunlop Pics
Dunlop Straps

EDIT: 1,000th post!
i own way much stuff to do this, so i will go through my #1's for amps and guitars.

Squier Affinity Strat (first guitar > Washburn WG248 (still one of my favorite guitars ever), Washburn X50PRO > Fender Showmaster > Washburn Dime V PRO > Washburn Idol WI64D(when i switched from metal to blues) > Gibson Les Paul Studio > Gibson Les Paul Satin Ebony.

Fender Frontman 15G > Peavey Transtube Supreme Head > Line 6 Duoverb Head > Randall RH150G3 Head > Randall RG100ES > Peavey Valveking Head > Egnater Renegade and Egnater Tweaker (when it arrives).

I still have all of that gear except for the fender practice amp.

that is a little fraction of my gear. if i listed it all it would be 29 guitars, and i am not going to type for that long.
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Resentments and Rambling from a Guitar Junkie
-Peavey Predator
-Yamaha RBX 270
-LTD MH-201
-Ibanez AWD82
-Squier Master Series HH Tele
-Squier Vintage Modified Strat

-JMF Electronics Spectra 112
-Peavey Rage 158
-Small Crate Bass Amp
-Line 6 Flextone III+
-Peavey Classic 30
-Peavey 6505 combo
-Line 6 Vetta
-Carvin V3
-Fender Deville 410
-Peavey Valveking
-Fender Vibro Champ

Currently I only own the Spectra 112 amp because it's vintage and a ridiculously good solid state amp, as well as the Fender VibroChamp and the Vintage Modified Strat. Keeping it simple.
Holy God. I am going to try and type up a list of every piece of gear I have ever owned (in chronological order). Keep in mind I have been been playing guitar since I was 8 years old and gigging since I was 15...

*Squier Bullet
MIM Fender Strat
MIA Fender Eric Clapton Sig Strat
MIA Fender Standard Strat (w/ BKP Irish Tours)
MIA Fender Deluxe Ash Tele
Gibson SG Special
Ibanez JEM7V
MIA Fender 52 Tele RI
PRS Custom 24
*Gibson Memphis ES-335
Suhr Standard T
Gibson Custom Shop Les Paul "Pearly Gates"
Gibson Les Paul Standard
*CIJ Richie Kotzen Tele

POS no name
Martin D35
*Gibson Dove

Marshall MG15
Marshall JCM800 2204
Mesa Boogie Lonestar Classic
Vox AC30CC2 w/Celestion Blues
Orange Rocker 30 w/ Orange PPC212
Fender Twin Reverb
Mesa Boogie Mark III purple stripe w/Mesa 212
Marshall Silver Jubilee 2555
Matchless Phoenix w/ Matchless 412
Orange Rockerverb 50 w/ Orange 212
Bogner Shiva (EL34)
Reeves CP503
Splawn Superstock
Fender Super Reverb
Egnater M4

Effects (by type)
Boss DS-1
Keeley Baked TS-9
*Keeley SD-1
Keeley BD-2
Fulltone OCD
BBE Green Screamer
*Hermida Zendrive
Xotic AC Booster
Xotic RC Booster
Xotic BB Preamp
Crowther Prunes and Custard
*Analogman King of Tone
*Paul C. Timmy
ZVex Box of Rock
ZVex Super Duper (clone)
*Skreddy Lunar Module
*Analogman Sunface
OLC Chunky Cheese
Fulltone 69
EHX Big Muff Pi
*Keeley Comp
MXR Dyna Comp
Maxon Comp
MXR Script Phase 90
MXR EVH Phase 90
*Retrosonic Phaser
EHX Small Stone
MXR EVH Flanger
Digitech Whammy IV
*FoxRox Octron
*FoxRox Aquavibe
*Mad Professor Mellow Yellow Trem
*Tone Freak Mello Tremo
Empress Trem
*Diamond Memory Lane 2
*TRex Replica
Skreddy Echo
Keeley DD-3
Moog Analog Delay
Maxon AD-999
TC Electronic D-Two
Eventide TimeFactor
Eventide PitchFactor
Lexicon PCM80
Moog Ring Mod
*RMC Wheels of Fire
Fulltone Clyde
RMC Picture Wah
Vox V848
Dunlop Rackmount
BBE Sonic Stomp
Boss GE-7
MXR Kerry King 10-band EQ
Boss TU-2
Korg Pitchblack
EB Volume Pedal
Sonic Research Turbo Tuner
Peterson Stroborack
TC Electronics GMajor2
*AXE FX Ultra

I think that is everything...

Keep in mind that I buy, sell, and trade often. Some of this stuff was only in my possession for a few days; some of it has been with me for years.
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Well, here's a condensed form in a form of a list - from my blog, since it would take up more text than allowable here.....

In a more condensed form.........

I started out playing a Yamaha G245SII Classical guitar bought by my father whom I know little about for my mom when they were together. I started off dinking around on it in 1994, but actually started to learn to play the next year.

After that, I got a Kramer Focus 3000 in candy apple red and a Peavey Rage 158 amplifier for Christmas, the amp was a trooper but that Kramer was a basketcase and needed repaired every weekend, it broke strings, the electronic components wore out constantly, I eventually was given a Stew Mac catalog by the Guitar Shoppe's tech Curtis to learn to fix guitars myself.

In high school I upgraded to a 30 watt Peavey Backstage 30 and bought my first Distortion Pedal, a DOD Super American Metal. That combo plus that Kramer was magical, I could do harmonic feedback tricks with the volume down low because of the insane amount of gain. I also acquired a ton more instruments including an 87' B.C. Rich Ironbird Bass NJ series, a Casio DG-10, and 2 Harmony guitars ( an H-80 strat for $10.00 off a classmate, and an H-804 Student guitar for $90.00). I also started fixing guitars for my classmates, and started making bodies out of pine with my bandsaw (Van-Halen II Jaguar).

After that, I started playing the Opelika High School guitar concerts in Mr. Orr's guitar class. During that time I had an Epiphone Stereo Chorus Amp (EP SC28) that was weak, so I usually used the Peavey Delta Blues amp and/or a Fender Twin Reverb with a distortion pedal at those shows to play Van-Halen and Metallica songs. I used the old Kramer, and what has been my main axe for the past 10 years, a 1996 Fender Jag-Stang in sonic blue with EMG pickups.

Since then I've been in different bands...........

Vehement, Moonlight Rose, early Lithium (1999-2000) - I used my Jag-Stang and my now Heavily Modified old red Kramer Focus 3000 most of the time, through the Epiphone amp, using a DOD Super American Metal, and FX-80 compressor, and the Built in Chorus.

Lithium (2000-2003) - I accumulated guitars like a madman during this period. I built an Explorer, several Strats, boughta Squier Affinity Strat for $100 and put a blue pearl pickguard on it, I also used rhythm guitarist Hawk's guitars on occasion (as well as fixed them up for him), as well has his Fiancee's Gibson "The Hawk". I used a BOSS ME-6 and Korg AX-30G for effects. Still my mainstay was that blue Jag-Stang and Red Kramer guitar, though my home built Explorer was the third "main guitar" towards the end of things. Amps were usually bummed off of Hawk, at first I ran through a Peavey XR684 Mixer I own that we also used for the vocals, then used Hawk's Peavey Special 130 when he bought a Blue Voo Doo head.

Hiatus (2003-2008) - During this time I built and bought more guitars in the list, including a Squier Telecaster, A Warlock, another H-804, another Kramer (I sold to a Co-Worker), several basses, and a few home brew guitars on and off. The most notable being a 1998 Fender Jaguar 62' Reissue I bought from the Guitar Hangar with Cool Rails and a Tune-O-Matic installed by the previous owner, which I later took the TOM out and put the stock bridge back in, and put custom surrounds and claws on the Cool Rails to "Jaguarize" them. This guitar made a LOT of appearances on Youtube around that time and has become one of my other main gutiars. I used a Behringer V-Amp Pro for most of the Youtube and all of the Demo recordings I did during this time, many CD's worth.

Ancient Tongues (2008-present) - I met the rhtyhm guitarist and founder when he worked at a warehouse music store, he was responsible for several gear purchases including a black Fender Jaguar HH (eventually sold for a 66' Fender Mustang), a Bugera 333XL head and 4X12. For all the demos I either used a Roland Cube Street, an IBanez IBZ-10G, or his Fender FM212DSP 100 Watt combo, and usually played either my blue Jag-Stang or a natural Finish Jazzmaster I built in mid-2009, and completed in early 2010.

Smokin' 66 - I assembled the rig that finally got my sound while in this band. I got my dream "main 4" guitars - the 96' Jag-Stang with EMG's, the 98' Cool Rail Jaguar, the 66' Teal refinished Fender Mustang, and the home built Ash and Maple Jazzmaster with a black pickguard and trim. All of these go into an SKB PS-45 pedalboard via a Audio Technica VHF wireless, into a Digitech Whammy, BOSS Super Shifter, a Fuzz Factory, a CryBaby wah, a Starcaster Chorus, a Behringer Phaser (PH-9), a DOD Stereo Flanger, and a Behringer DD400 Digital Delay --< these all ran into a Mesa Stiletto owned by bassist Todd Perkins at first, but my Bugera 333XL ate the Mesa for breakfast and sounded cleaner and clearer.

Deliciously Infectious (present) - I just upgraded the above rig, now has a Senheiser Free-Port wireless system (UHF), swapped the Starcaster Chorus for an EHX Stereo PolyChorus in early 2009, and added a Peavey 412M VTM series cab with Celestion GK-85s Speakers. The only guitar changes are more guitars including yet another Harmony H-804 and Kay from a yotube fan, a Daisy Rock 12-string, a Casio DG-1, and I also bought a Behringer 2024P Virtualizer for Demos, put into a rack with a rackmount Fender M-80 Pro amplifier (which I plan to use to make a stereo rig eventually).

And that IS the condensed version, I've owned a lot of gear, and done a lot of music stuff over the years, so it's hard to keep it down to one page or under 100000 characters.
My Current Mains
- 1996 Fender Jag-Stang with EMG Pickups
- 1998 Fender Jaguar with Cool Rails
- 1982 Hondo Paul Dean II (DiMarzio Super II X2)
- 2010 "Fender" Jazzmaster (Home built)
- 2013 Squier VM Bass VI (stock)
I like this thread, makes me think back of the old days


Squier Affinity Stratocaster (my first guitar it looks like the one that Buddy Holly has on the front of his record! oh and off course it's true what they say: these are better than the real thing )

Egmond Thunder Three (a beat up Dutch made guitar my uncle found and gave me for free. the action was so horrible I decided to tune it to open G and learn to play slide guitar. sounds pretty cool though)

Aria PE Elite (listened to Jimmy Page and Bluesbreaker Eric Clapton and decided I needed humbuckers. this was the only thing within my - very limited - budget )


Fender Frontman 15R (the sales guy told me it was essential to have reverb and off course I believed him. I guess I blew it on band rehearsals, eventually sold it to my uncle who gave it to his daughter to amplify her vocal mic...)

Marshall AVT150 (obviously I needed something bigger so I worked my ass off for a month and then paid some €1100 for this ugly beast. got wiser some five years later and recently managed to sell it for about €250 )

Fender Super Reverb 4x10 (yeah! a real pro all tube fender blues amp! with a master volume knop! and jensen speakers! yeah! )


Boss OS-2 Overdrive/Distortion (got it for free from my girlfriend's dad after he bought a GT-10. never really did anything with it)

Crybaby Wah (everyone had one so it had to be something special right?)

then I discovered the UG GG&A forum...

now I also have an MXR Phase 90, Ibanez TS9, Vox V847, EH Deluxe Memory Man, Danelectro Cool Cat, CBS/Arbiter Fuzz King, Marshall BB-2...

and I blame you guys!
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I probably am a bit more rule than exception though
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Add the most incredible Custom Shop Mary Kaye Strat w/ Lollar Blackfaces to my list. And a Fulton-Webb Textosterone.
Rhodes Gemini
Fryette Ultra Lead
Peavey 6505
THD Flexi 50

Gibson R0 Prototype
EBMM JP13 Rosewood
Fender CS Mary Kaye


(512) Audio Engineering - Custom Pedal Builds, Mods and Repairs

first act strat, sold it. then got an ibanez sz520qm. still got it, it's my favorite got an epiphone les paul custom, still have it and use it at church. just got a schecter omen 7 because i wanted a 7 string haha.


wont list it all becaus ei dont feel like it, but i bought a bunch of pedals and had a pedalboard. then sold everything except my isp decimator and ibanez ts9 and bought a tc electornic g major 2. i love it.


first act amp, blew up. bought a peavey classic 30 for 100. it died and the repairs would have cost more than the amp is worth so it just sits. bought a mesa mark iii black stripe, liked it a lot. joined a death metla band and the mesa just wasnt what i was looking for so i got rid of it and bought a 5150. then i bought a stiletto to replace it, but ended up keeping both. traded the stiletto for a lonestar special combo. still have it and looooove it. bought my friends peavey xxx for 100 and liked it enough to sell my 5150.

so yeah, thats it. i also bought 2 mesa 2x12s somewhere in there. still have both.
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