hi all, sorry if this post is already somewhere else, i couldnt find it in the search bar though. so here goes:
got a standard strat control config going at the moment, but as i dont use either of the tone pots, would it possible to rewire it so i just have 3 volume pots and the 5 way?
if there is already a thread on this, just point me there straight away.

That is MOSTLY correct, but there is no ground jumper connecting the pot casings of the middle or bridge pots. with no ground connection, there is nowhere for the pot to shunt to giving no change. Wire it using that exact diagram, but wire an additional wire from the back of the neck pot to the back of the middle pot, and do the same for the bridge pot. that way, the pot will shunt volume to ground when turned. Also, for wiring questions like this, please refer to the Ultimate Wiring Thread.
Here's a diagram I just made, this should be more explanatory.
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