Hi pit. So I have a gig coming up today and it just crossed my mind, what do you do to prepare for any gigs you might have? Learning to play your songs put aside. Eat bananas? Drink beer? I'm talking more about the "four hours till the show" feeling than the 15 minutes or so when you just drink beer and warm up and stuff.
Personally I lube up and wait for it to come to me
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I do what i do every other day of my life... work, sleep, eat, go out with friends, etc.

About 2 and a half hours before , we start packing up, by the time everything is packed up and cased, and loaded, we have about an hour and a half left, then we go and shower and do our various things, and then we head in, hopefully to be on time (usually late though)
The four hours typically just has me playing the guitar casually, part-rehearsing the parts, and partly just jamming a bit, to lower the pressure. Sometimes I just chill out or chat with randomers.

Sometimes I get drunk and see if I can sober up in time. That's funny.

In the last hour or thereabouts I have a couple of short drinks, because I still always get nerves (even after several hundred performances) while I'm waiting to go on.

Then once you get on, bam! you're always in the zone.
i have a little bit of jam, then eat something, usually chocolate. i get spare strings and shit
double check all my gears all good. hang with the band
I piss
Then I piss again
Then I piss again
Cos I don't want to need to go on stage :S
Cocaine. A lot.
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I like to be at least an hour and a half early, preferably 2 hours, so you can have time to make sure everything is in order, talk the the sound guys and mingle with the people who run the club, then once I am satisfied that everything's okay, I go backstage and run through the songs and riffs, do scales and warm up.

EDIT: oh, you're gonna be 4 hours early

yeah, I've had that, too. if there are bands playing before you, go and watch them, or else just chill, have a beer or two (not more), mingle and warm up.
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I play slowly sitting down. Then I play faster. Then I play slowly standing up. Then I play faster. If I start playing fast standing up, then I'd F up and my whole night is ruined.
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I'm a guitarist and singer... You see, the night before, I take my AC/DC, turn it up as loud as I can, and scream along with it until my voice starts to go. Then, I drink a whole bunch of cola on the way to the venue, put on my tux, and get ready for the gig.

Thats how I prep for a Classical concert. Think how wild my rock show preparation is.
I usually try to warm up my fingers as much as possible throughout the day, by running up and down scales. My band is playing two gigs tomorrow by the way, so I will just warm up douring the first gig (It's less important) and then play the big gig in the evening (Jelling Festival in Denmark).
Dress fine, stare at myself in the mirror and chant 'Gotta catch 'em all (so truuuue)!'
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I usually play a bit, just to get a feel for playing on the day, then i just sit around talking to friends, have a couple of beers (two pints ideally but sometimes i go over that limit), smoke a cigarette or something, then have another quick little muck around on the guitar about 10 minutes before playing properly.

Think of that next time you are not allowed to laugh.
A few beers, a few lines, some food.

I always seem to throw my guts up before stepping out on stage too.
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I generally just show up and play - I'm a street performer mostly, so I treat all gigs in that way, with little to no preparation on the day of the show.
I used to drink, and maybe eat something but not too much. Then again, that was before I was a singer. Now I'd be afraid of burping in the middle of a song.
Do some scales, check the set list, make sure all my gears in good shape, etc.
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Play some songs... get my fingers warm and fast and then just relax.
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