I forked out 700 AUD for a Squier J5.
A month later my guitar joint is offering a 50 spec Fender tele for 700 AUD.
Im hatin it.
Bought a Dean Razorback V 255 for around 1100 euros. Which was kinda my 2nd choice.

A month later I spotted a USA ESP Alexi Scythe for 1300 euros, which is an impossible price over here when anything with a LTD or ESP tag goes for 2000+ euros at best.

Still, Razorback V kinda grew on me, it has the standard EMG tone after all, and I don't really beat myself over it as much as I did back then.
Most decent retailers will honor an exchange up to 45 days after the original purchase. Providing the first guitar is still mint.
I wondered why the frisbee was getting bigger, then it hit me.
It is time to start your collection.

The following statement is true. The proceeding statement is false.
I sold my Xiphos and was about to buy an EC-1000, when i saw an RR24 on ebay for the same price. the RR24 is coming in the mail today D
This is honetsly why I started considering myself more of a guitar collector than a player. I spend far more time researching guitars and trying to find the best prices on 'em, then always by the time I've found one I want and bought it, something else has come along better/cheaper/prettier/whatever. So we start the cycle again.

Give in. Buy 'em all.
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When I was buying my first electric guitar, I didn't have enough money at the time of the christmas sale. By the time I could afford it, I could only get the GSA60, the cheapest non-squier in the store. It's grown on me since, though.
I guess that's kind of the other way round. Too late rather than too early.
No but I've had the reverse.

I'd been lusting after a Japanese Jag in Candy Apple Red for months and months. There was a particular website I'd go on all the time just to look at pictures of it. It was beautiful. Luscious red body, with a matching headstock. Perfect.

I randomly decided to sell my Epiphone Casino because things weren't working out. It was a nice guitar but we just didn't click. I was always paranoid that there was a little buzz on it. I sold it on to someone who's moderately famous (ironically it was once owned by a New York Doll). He was a nice guy, and I made a small profit which I was happy with. I didn't necessarily sell it because I wanted to buy another guitar, but I now had some free cash knocking around.

As usual I browsed the internet, looking at Japanese Jag porn. My girlfriend thought it was unhealthy how much I would look at these pictures, and touch myself. Needless to say I dropped by the website of the particular store that I frequented, for my usual short-scale pornography. The page loads, and lo and behold, in big letters. SALE THIS WEEKEND.

I couldn't believe my luck. I was overjoyed with excitement and anticipation. She would be mine. I was concerned that there be another (weirdo) person like me with similar intentions of buying the guitar. There was no risking losing this one. I woke up at 8am, and walked to Waterloo. It was a beautiful morning, that first sunny day of the year in spring. The air was crisp and refreshing as I crossed the Thames. Taking in the (polluted) air I looked out to the London skyline and made my way into the station.

I bought my ticket, and sat waiting for my first train of the day. It was a 30 minute journey and I was growing increasingly impatient. Then my second train, another 20 minutes. After a short walk I was there at the store, 10 minutes after opening time. It was in a quaint little village, and the shop was inside a very old building with wooden beams and lumpy floors. I made my way upstairs and there she was. The Jag I wanted, in the flesh. I plugged her in, and brought over a Classic Player for comparison.

I couldn't believe it. After all this time I was finally playing it. And it was....awful. It hadn't been set up very well so the bridge saddles were loosening themselves on the high E so it was constantly going out of tune. I could tell she was good though, if a bit high maintenance, and I made the purchase at an excellent discount. Brought her home, whacked some thread-lock on the moveable parts, stuck some 0.011s on her, adjusted the action and intonation and we're set.

You'll be pleased to know that we're still very happy together.
I have a Schecter C-1 Custom, which I love already. But only a couple of days after I went over the return period, it's dawning on me how much I miss my old Ibanez SA, and would love to have something a little more high end. I found a really sweet S2170 on eBay that I might have jumped on even for the extra buck.
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*MIJ Jaguar story*

Congratulations, and i wish you both a lifetime of happyness together!

On topic, no.
I never regretted any purchase i ever made. Even when newer stuff comes out a short time after.
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On topic, no.
I never regretted any purchase i ever made. Even when newer stuff comes out a short time after.

I actually dont look at other on sale or new models after I buy a guitar.....and also because I research alot before deciding on a guitar,and then wait till the perfect guitar goes on sale,I've never regretted a purchase....

but wait times are pretty long though..
Well, my buddy bought a Vintage(brand, not guitar) strat knockoff for $900 about a month ago, and he wanted a black one but there weren't any blacks in stock at the time so he got this real tacky baby blue one(He likes it, I guess, but I think it's FUGLY...XD). The week after, I went to that same music store...lo and behold, there's a new shipment of guitars. Among them, the same guitar, in black, for $600. XD And he traded in his Ibanez RG and a 60-watt amp for it, ever since he's been whining because he doesn't have a guitar with buckers anymore.
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i've made a couple of impulse purchases and then regretted it afterwards. i always thought the gibson GFB was my dream guitar. loved the way it looked, loved the versatility. then i got my hands on one for a pretty decent price, but it just wasn't what i had imagined. it was one of the most uncomfortable guitars i've ever played sitting down. the "rough" look went a little too far. gibson decided not to sand the edges along the back of the body and it was literally sharp.

another was a peavey wolfgang. AWESOME sounding guitar. felt great. smelled like cigarette smoke. pretty conveniently left out of the ebay ad. i suffered through it for a while until i finally just sold it to a guy who didn't mind of craigslist. ebay can be great, but it's definitely a risk. i guess buying from pretty much anywhere can be a real risk. normally ebay sellers are pretty trustworthy though. at least i've found. i usually ask a lot of questions from them just to make sure they know their stuff.
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1 week after I bought my used SG Special, Gibsons had a price drop.

I could have gotten a used SG Standard for the same price as I bought the SG Special if I waited one week.

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I sold my Xiphos and was about to buy an EC-1000, when i saw an RR24 on ebay for the same price. the RR24 is coming in the mail today D

You made a good choice, join the RR24 Army.
No I havent bought a new guitar in years. I love my Schecter too much.
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I had the EXACT opposite issue lol. Was waiting for a V7 FR to come in, Store I was buying it from put a Loomis 7 on sale for the same price the day I went to put the deposit on the 7. Needless to say, I walked out with the Loomis instead.
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