Police in NI have said it was "inappropriate" for an officer to play "ice-cream van" music in an attempt to calm youths attacking a vehicle.

Young people were throwing bottles at a Land Rover vehicle in Lisburn last Saturday when the officer used the tannoy to play the tunes.

A police spokesperson said an officer had used humour to defuse the situation and the trouble had stopped.

However, senior officers are believed to have spoken to the officer involved.

Police were called to Glasvey Drive in Twinbrook on 22 May where they passed a group of about 15 youths who began throwing bottles at their vehicle.

A spokesperson for the Police Service of Northern Ireland said: "An officer used the vehicle's tannoy system to play music to the youths in an effort to use humour to defuse the situation.

"The youths stopped throwing the bottles. However, police accept that this was not an appropriate action.


Give it a couple years and there'll be bands playing ice cream music through the streets of Belfast...
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I did not even want to open this thread.

No matter what you're doing, you drop it for the ice cream man.
How is that not appropriate? Kicking their asses and handcuffing them is a better solution, then?
Oh, and
That cop's a genius.
Oh my God...

Do you Pit Monkeys still hate cops NOW?
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Fuck tha police.

Ice cream n' shit.
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Really, shouldn't the kids have been talked to about this? I mean I don't think the music was a bad idea, but he should have talked to them once they stopped throwing bottles. But it definitely wasn't a "sick joke" like the article said.
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How is it not appropriate though? Would police brutality be a better solution?

Hell no. I was put through that once. And I wasn't doing anything, just pulled off to a side-road to let my drunk friend puke. A cop pulled up behind us, and came to my window. We had just been to this bar, where people were lighting blunts out in the open while the band played.

Needless to say, I reeked of weed.

The cop had me detained, searched my car, nothing in there, no big deal, right? Apparently, the cops in this town are under a lot of pressure to meet the quota, because this officer got furious when he didn't find anything and started punching me in the ribs! While I was handcuffed no less!

So, he calmed down, I took a field sobriety test and he let me go on my way. My friend was puking all the while. What a fucking night.
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I live there! How have I not heard about this?!

I must +1 this

My local news will be played tonight
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amazing, if only they'd fired cornettos at people on bloody sunday

the world would be a so much more convenient place of people would stop taking themselves so seriously. This cop is a genius and he should be praised for that
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That's great! I don't see why he's in trouble tho. Seems like he handled the situation in pretty much the best way possible
only in Belfast...

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God damn, Lisburn and Belfast are two different cities.

Stupid BBC.