Just got a new guitar, and im having my friend totally set it up. I was telling him what I want done when I realized im not sure what kind of strings to put on it. Its a Jackson RR24, and ill be playing metal/hardcore in drop c. what gauge would fit that best? how do you determine what gauge strings should be on your guitar?
Cstandard or just drop c?
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12-56's will be not be real tight, but they won't be real floppy. It's what I'd do. If you find them to thick, you can just change them out.
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I played in Drop B for awhile, Ernie Ball Not-Even Slinkys really did the trick. They're 12-56. Always sounded tight.
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sometimes it depends...I have a set of 11's on my guitar, but the low E string is a 70. String sets can vary in gauges of strings.

If you play most often in C, I would try some Ernie ball "not even slinky's". I have these strings on my acoustic guitar tuned to C standard and they are perfect.
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