Looking for something thats a step up frmo my Fender Hotrod Deluxe. I play mostly blues/classic rock out of it, not to mention reggae, funk, indie, post rock, etc.

Im looking for a combo amp, preferably 30 watts and above but im flexible. I want a tube amp unless you have a suggestion for a seriously nice solid state. My budget is 700 and under, but I buy used and im very thrifty so yeah. i also play some dirty, fuzzy kind of stuff. suggest some things.
there is a marshall 30w, it's not too expensive... my guitar teacher has one of this and it's beautifull its sound
i would highly recommend an Egnater. i love my renegade, and i have a tweaker on te way.

the rebel 30 combo would probably fit the bill perfectly.
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there is a marshall 30w, it's not too expensive... my guitar teacher has one of this and it's beautifull its sound
You're talking about the MG, aren't you?

I'm gonna go ahead and second the suggestion for an Egnater. They're fantastic amps.
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+1 on the Egnater.
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The egnaters are an orgasm to the ears, i myself cant wait for the armagedon model
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