Hi, at the the moment I've got a 50s reissue tele and a marshall DSL401 as my main gear, they're both great but for some songs singlecoils just aren't powerful enough. Anyway, I was just looking at some Les Pauls and was weighing up whether to get a higher end one (traditional or 2008 standard) or should I get the studio. Are there any benefits ecept cosmetic to the higher end ones or should I just get a studio?
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Better woods, i think. Dunno really.

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Im assuming you mean Gibson LP's. to which i say, maybe. it's hit or miss, if you do end up buying one make sure you try it out first.
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Gibson still sounds better than anything else... Just make sure you try what you buy as the quality control sucks these days. I think they are worth the money but you can get them used for a lot less so why bother with new ones? Old guitars sound better anyways!
IMO epiphones are more worth the money than gibsons. and they still sound great

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i would advise going with the traditional. it was said well here a few days ago, that the new traditional is where the standard has been in previous years. the standard has an asymmetrical neck, that i, and many others dont paticularlly care for.

as far as the quality control goes, i have bought three gibsons since november, all 2009's, and had no problem with any of them, and i bought them over the internet (because i ended up getting 25% off two of them and 15% off the thrid, normally i buy in stores). i dont know.

i have played one SG in Sam Ash that had a terrible set up and a minor cosmetic flaw, but i dont know if that was from Gibson, or people messing around with it in the store.

i would try to play before you buy if possible, because that is the safest way to go, with buying any guitar.

but from what i have experianced, i havent ran into too any problems.

i do not know for sure, but i suspect many of the negative things about gibson are more or less people repeating what they hear and not necessarily experiance, although i dont doubt some (and who knows, maybe many) people have had problems.
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In my opinion, no Gibson is "worth it" unless you want the Gibson name. Especially with how the company is being run now...

because you really know everything about what goes on behind the scenes at gibson, don't you...

The gibsons are worth the money if you can find one that's right for you, but they are not for everyone, so you should try before you buy, and the weird thing with Gibson is they are all so different (i wouldn't say that they are "hit and miss" in that one guitar would be objectively worse than another, but you will definitely find some that you personally like more than others) that you can end up looking for one particular model and getting a different one.. i was looking for a gibson SG but look at my sig

it's a matter of finding one that you really 'connect' with, and if you can't find one like that just get something else from another company, but for gods sake, don't go bitching on the internet about how your experiences are the sacred truth that applies to everyone - it's shallow and annoying, because everyone does it so much
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